Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rolling over Rocky Top

What a fun Saturday evening. It appears that the things in Orange World will be somewhat uncomfortable for Coach Phil and the boys.

Coach Saban and the Crimson Tide traveled to Neyland Stadium for the annual 3rd Saturday in October classic. This time the Volunteer Navy decided it should depart the scene early. The Tide won the game 29 to 9 in Knoxville.

This moves the Crimson Tide to 8 and 0. It appears the team is continuing to play one game at a time. Roll Tide!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Penquins Win, Penquins Win!!!

The hockey battle of Pennsylvania raged tonight. Round one goes to the Pittsburgh Penguins! Beating the Philadelphia Flyer's 3 to 2 in overtime.

It was a Pens versus Flyer's match. The first since the Pens bounced the Flyer's from the playoffs last year. No love lost between these two groups.

Tied at two to two, in overtime, Brooks Orpik passed to Pascal Dupuis skating down the left side and let fly with a slapshot toward the Flyer's goal. Freezing Philadelphia's goalie, Antero Nittymaki, the puck caught to corner of the net. Game over.

The next game for the Penguins is Thursday evening versus the Washington Capitals.

Go Pens!

Loving the coverage of hockey on Versus Network!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hip Hip Oops!

Coach Jim Zorn and Quarterback Jason Campbell are riding a four game win streak. Correction , were riding a four game win steak. Nothing else seems to be going well in Washington DC. except for theWashington Redskins. They are putting together an impressive season. This is a throw back to the early years of Redskins Football. So, why not go back to celebrate.

The coach of the mid 70’s was Coach George Allen. He use to celebrate with a Hip, Hip, Horray! So, why not. If the team is winning. Use the cheers that winning team used.

They lost to the St. Louis Rams this weekend. So, they need to stay focused.

Hail to the Redskins! Flopped in olde DC! Seems to be par for the city by the Potomac!

Tough Weekend to be a Tiger

University of Missouri, Louisiana State University, Clemson and Auburn University all share the mascot of a Tiger. They also all share the disappointment of losing on Saturday, October 11, 2008. What a tough week to be a Tiger.

Not picking on the Tigers. It appeared to be a tough weekend to be a ranked team also. The Sooners of Oklahoma who were ranked number one in the coaches poll and took in on the chin from the University of Texas Longhorns. I’m sure after a couple of calls the President of the University of Oklahoma, David Boran, will ask for another federal investigation since that is what happened the last time they lost when ranked highly.

I am thrilled that my Alabama Crimson Tide were off this weekend for a bye. It wasn’t a good weekend to be ranked in the single digits. OU, LSU, Missouri, etc.

My heart goes out to the Michigan fans who are now enduring another loss to a shocking opponent. Congrats to Toledo!

The Black Knights of the Hudson must be celebrating. A two game win streak! Go Army!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Congress Goes Crazy

There was a four page bill that left the White House last week to bail out the US economy that was melting down. The Administration said we have to do something, and soon, so the bill is sent to the Senate and the US House of Representatives, our Congress.

The first version of the bill was voted down. The reason wasn't clear until yesterday.

The Senate decided Wednesday to vote on the bill that was over 300 pages in length. Yes, the four page bail out bill was now bigger than half a ream of paper, stuffed with enough pork to make Jimmy Dean happy.

The House was also taking up the process of stuffing the bail out bill with more pork, you know, A million here. a half billion there, just for friends. On Wednesday afternoon the bill was now 451 pages and most of the people being asked to vote on the thing hadn't even read the whole bill. Gee, isn't this what caused the financial problem in the first place. People not reading the fine print on the documents they signed. OH! are we repeating the same thing just on a much more expensive and grander scale?

Oh! and by the way, it appears that the "Do Nothing Congress" under the leadership of both parties was in the process of trying to change their image. They weren't doing nothing! They had opened up the National pocket book and they were a spending. Here piggy, come and get it.....

The money was flowing. A small wooden Arrow Manufacturer in Myrtle Point, Oregon will receive $2,000,000 for inner city archery programs. The Rum Producers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will receive $192,000,000.

The usually vocal Hollywood producers will receive $478 Million Dollars. I wonder if Michael Moore will do an investigation movie of this? Nope, he and Oprah are getting their government handout.

Don't forget the fat cat NASCAR Red Necks. You know, the good old boys. They will receive $100 Million dollars to repave the tracks they own, and accelerate the depreciation of the tracks, saving them money on current taxes. I'm sure this will be passed on to the fans in lower ticket and concession prices. That must be the logic in Congress.

For the first time in my life I agree with Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Leader, "this is a blight on Congress." He was talking about the no vote on the first bail out. He is correct on this deal being a blight on Congress just add the rest of the country to the comment.

Let's not leave anyone out. American Samoa will be receiving Millions in Economic Development. The Wool Research Fund is to receive money. The Coal producers are receiving tax breaks, dollars, credits, and export assistance. Don't forget the Wind Energy credits. Who was being bailed out?

It is time to find out who voted for this bill. And simply vote them out. The Members of Congress must have been giving the breaks to set up their future employment.

I am contacting my representatives and Senators today to let them know I am voting for none of the above. Regardless of political party I will be working to defeat them for being chronically Stupid. This was a Pork event, not a bail out of Main Street or Wall Street.

By the way, who will pay for this hand out of epic proportions? The same people who are putting the money in the system to pay for it now. The Middle class of America. If the people in Congress would look out the window or actually meet with real Americans they might find out that those are the people losing the jobs. So, if they don't have a job, they can't pay taxes, if they can't pay taxes, then Congress will make up the money, and...see the circular logic...we keep doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

I can't believe it. The bail out is what Congress did. They tried to bail out so they could get reelected in November.

Contact your representative today. Ask if they really read the bill? Ask if they are proud of their work? They signed it. So, let's hold them responsible for their actions.

Please send this to others.