Sunday, September 28, 2008

Redskins Vs. Dallas

This should be a fun Sunday afternoon. Redskins vs. The Cowboys.
I am hoping. Dallas has a good team. But, it is Dallas vs. Washington.

Hail to the Redskins.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a great Saturday Sports Day!

Each Saturday morning at the breakfast table we ask the sports players how they are going to do during their event(s). Each week the youngest member of our crew announces a number of goals she plans to make. This morning the announcement was seven. Now that is a bit aggressive, yet we don't want to rain on anyone's creativity.

The day started with soccer. Our youngest had two soccer games. We knew she had one. The second was a scheduling surprise.

So we go see the Blue team play, they haven't come up with a name, and the young lady scores seven goals in her first game. The picture below is one of the seven going into the goal.

During the second game which followed within minutes of the first game she scores six more goals. That was surprising. Thirteen goals in two games. Very impressive.

We also discovered it is very difficult to take action pictures with the camera when you are trying to watch your child. You should see some of the shots we delete after the games.

At the same time all the above activity was going on Boodles, our ten year old, was playing a game at the other end of the sports complex.

Boodles played a different position than she had before and the ball was flying toward the goal. She scored a goal of her own, sent another sailing off the goal cross bar, and assisted on two other goals. She had also set up her team mates with some great crossing passes. Boodles and her team in Pink won their game

She was very excited about the result of the game, the team work displayed, and her contributions to the win. It was great to see her creativity on the field. There are no action shots from this game because dad can't multitask with watching, screaming, and taking photos. I'm working on it.

Saturday afternoon we switched to football.

What happened to Florida? Welcome to Southeastern Conference (SEC) football. Urban Meyer, some times you feel like a Nutt, sometimes you don't. Didn't you notice that Urban's press conference isn't the same when he and his team lose in The Swamp.

Then Auburn survives their game putting a beating on the Volunteers from Tennessee. I feel bad that Payton came to manage the spin for Coach Fulmer. Things will be rough in rockybottom for another week.

But the night cap was the featured game. Bama versus Georgia. Crimson Tide versus the Bulldogs. Number 8 in the nation against number 3. The first half was unreal. Georgia played like number 2, the stinky stuff.

Hey Dawgs, remember last year? We did. Ug Ah! 31-0 at halftime. The Tide rumbled over the blacked out dogs oh! sorry, Dawgs! I couldn't believe how quiet it was between the shrubbery!

It appears that Dawg don't hunt or do football at least last night!

If they clean up the penalties they might have a chance. Coach Richt has a persona of being on the up and up, but he has a team that is the most penalized in the SEC. We appreciated the help.

Just having some fun. Georgia has a real talented team. I can't wait to see the Georgia vs. Florida game.

Can't wait to see the poll rankings! ROLL TIDE!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank Goodness its Friday

Things are kind of nutty in our small world this week. Our local school has Homecoming week so there have been lots of additional activities adding to the crowded regular schedule.
I am the luckiest man in the world. My lovely spouse is so organized. She gets everyone to and from the events, soccer, study hall, volleyball, to social events. At the end of the day she is still sane, creative, and beautiful. (Can't you tell!)

The Homecoming parade goes right between the schools so everyone gets to come out and see it go through town. You may recognize the little lady with the paw prints on her face as she prepares for the parade to go past.

Kassie had a tough assignment at the Homecoming parade. She had to march in the band with her trombone and be on the volleyball team float. So, first you march,

then you run back and ride.

Then everyone went to the Homecoming game on Friday night. It was a much better social event than football game.

My man H, used the game to play tackle football with some "bigger" guys. He is getting interested in playing contact football. We are hoping between now and next season that he bulks up. He really does enjoy it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roll Tide! Let's celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The Tide Rolled! Fourty nine to fourteen, (49-14) That is the University of Alabama Crimson Tide! The football program based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This team traveled out to the Ozarks to play the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Let's say they didn't call the Hogs often during this event.

To honor the Crimson Tide we will be celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you don't believe me look it up this is an actual day. It was yesterday, September 19th. But let's honor the pirate lift a little "Captain" as we celebrate the Tide.

Argggghhhh! Matey!

The Soccer Machine Continues

The number this weekend is Five. Yep, the goal scoring machine has applied her skills again. She went out with the other members of her team and played some serious soccer. Dabba scored five goals on her own.

Prior to the game soccer team pictures were taken. There was the individual shot taken then the team picture. I can't wait to see those developed.
This young lady is serious about her soccer. Early this morning there was 15 minutes of practice kicking with me and her older brother, in the house. It was fun to see the serious preparation. All of the years of watching the older siblings get ready for their events has rubbed off. Beautiful intensity.

There was only one game today so we will have our next installment of Dabba soccer in a week.

It appears the only thing that went wrong at the game was my camera. It was very warm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is the Economy Stupids

The World Economy is shaking. For some, this is an event that can be used as a political hot potato to be pitched back and forth. Others are using this as a spectator sport so they have some news to report. Some have no idea what is taking place around them.

Instead of people making this political they should begin to understand the implications of what is happening and the connections around the world. It is not all about greed. It is not all Wall Street. Much of what we are watching has taken place on Main Street and down the street from where we live.

The oversight that was to be put in place was designed when the trading and banking systems came in person to a window with a slip of paper. Today the trades and decisions happen in milliseconds, twenty four hours a day all around the world.

This started in the sub prime market. Then the capital markets. Small businesses are looking for credit. The fundamental building blocks of our economy are being thrown around like children's toys.

Technology has driven productivity. However, it appears to have moved so quickly that the markets are unsure of who owns what to whom.

Imagine. A large financial institution on Wall Street failed. A bank in Asia is shaking because it loaned large sums of money to that institution. Countries around the world today were putting dollars into the system so that their economy would not .

Our economy is shaking. Our nations comfort and security is at risk. It is time for serious people to step forward with serious solutions to make this country, our citizens, and our way of life sound.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Soccer Season Begins

Our youngest child has been going to soccer practice and games for the past five years with her older siblings. She began by sitting in a stroller, progressed to toddling along the sidelines, and then running in the fields near by. Last spring she was a member of her own team. Today she had her coming out party. She apply her soccer skills and abilities relating to kicking the soccer ball.

What a day it was! She scored four goals in her first game. I know, I'm her dad so I am suppose to brag politely. But, four goals. Impressive.

Can't wait to see week two.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

One year of Blogging - Blog Anniversary

The counter on my blog site reminded me that September 5th was the anniversary of Busy Dad Mumbles. This means for over 365 days, the planet making a full trip around the sun, I have had the opportunity to share with friends, family, and fellow bloggers my thoughts, commentary, and events.
My thanks to all of you for your visits, comments, and continued readership, (did I just make up a word?). The audience makes the process fun. Thank you for your support! I have had the honor of meeting some great people all over the world.

What a year! The family updates, the saga of our football team, birthdays, the arrival of new family member and the passing of my dad. We logged many entries into, The Book, the feature that maintains the many things said by my kids that we want them to have when they are older.

I have met a number of great bloggers. We even met a couple in real life and had a chance to visit another in their home.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. There was a chance to share advice and comments and receive both as well.

My thanks again for those of you have have endured my corny sense of humor and my dismantling of the English language. Hopefully another year of blogging will improve the grammar and spelling. The sense of humor is a loss.
Thank you for celebrating my blogoversary with me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

A wonderful day of the year designed to honor those who work, Labor. The picnic part of the holiday seemed to have started in the mid 1880's in Minnesota with laborers join together for a day. The idea for the Laborer's Day seemed to have originated with 9 tailors in Philadelphia, PA. This has been a national holiday since 1894 when Congress declared it so. The event of Labor Day was declared just 6 days after 34 strikers at the Pullman Strike, under the leadership of Eugene Debs, were shot by U.S. Infantry troops brought in to control/end the strike.

To many people this day signals the last day of Summer. Pools close, schools open, white shoes must be stored, and the fall events begin.

Whichever event you are celebrating today have a safe, happy, holiday. Enjoy your Labor Day.