Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coaches on the Move

This has been a busy week in the College Football business. The CEO's of the teams have been on the move. Just ask Arkansas or Old Miss. In the words of the Mounds Candy Bar. "Sometimes you feel like a Nutt, Sometimes you don't."

Nebraska, Texas A&M, Old Miss, Georgia Tech, Michigan, LSU(possibly), just to name a few. Tommy Tuberville has had his name mentioned in a number of possible openings. This would not hurt my feelings.

Keeping track of all of the changes has made it fun. I'm sure after this weekend there will be a few more.

A New Season Begins

Look at the shooting form. With all of the basketball coaches in my family it was only natural that the Minister of Plain would be interested in the sport. Whenever he gets a chance he is outside shooting the ball in the basket.
The team name and colors have yet to be selected. Stay tuned for the weekly updates. This Saturday is the first basketball game.

The Game that United and Divides A Family

My seven year old has become an Auburn fan. A friend of mine, a fellow Alabama fan asked why I would allow my son to root for "that" team. Feeling somewhat stepped on by the comment I was looking for a reply. Then it dawned on me. In my son's lifetime Auburn has won six of the seven games. You know, I said, I guess my son likes a winner. That other team will have to win 10 straight to get the series record of consecutive wins set by my team.
In the above picture there are only three Alabama fans. The rest are for the other team. We did have an excellent time seeing friends and family around the state. We may make this a family tradition. Except next time more planning and get some tickets.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Alabama Vs. Auburn

This is it. Today is the big day. Alabama versus Auburn from the loveliest village on the Plain. The big game is this evening. This gives the fans the ability to talk smack to the other team for 365 days. Records don't matter. It is all about who wins. Go Bama....Roll Tide.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Amazing Race

I absolutely love the Amazing Race. Lieber and I talk about trying to enter the contest all the time. Wouldn't it be great to race around the globe. It looks like fun.

On the other hand. There could be a few challenges:
1. Asking directions. I am lucky my spouse has a geography minor. She can read a map with the best of the land navigators. This keeps the getting lost and having to ask directions to a minimum.

2. Language barrier. I have a hard enough time mastering the English language. (Evidenced in this blog.) It cracks me up to watch people, Americans, try to communicate with people who speak a language foreign to our own. You know...a little slower and a little louder, until they understand.

3. Separation from Sweet Tea. You see it every week. The participants get sent to some exotic land that doesn't have the basics of food, American food. Sweet tea is an example. I have lived overseas so I will try the local fair. But, in my more advanced age I have begun to appreciate the fine things. Sweet Tea is my favorite drink and you just can't get the good stuff everywhere.

4. Wife wanted to know who would be her partner.....this is a potential area of conflict.

5. Decision Making method.. How do the team members not decide in advance to use a decision making method? You know, the potato method, one-potato, two-potato. Flip a coin, or pick a number. It just cracks me up to see the what do you think, now, what do you think while the other teams are shooting by.

We continue to consider trying to get on the program. Please leave comments about what you see the greatest challenges would be for you to join or once on the Amazing Race.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blog Award - You Make Me Smile!

Thank you for this wonderful award. (reaching into my pocket for the not prepared, well semi-prepared speech.) I appreciate the support of my editors, family, friends, agent, the cast and crew of Busy Dad Mumbles, and the true life actors that make up the daily stories. (Dabbing away tears!)

As I accept this award this evening in my Old Navy Fleece, Target pajamas pants, and Land's End Slippers (since I'm sure the fashion press will want to know as I walk back down the red carper) It is with great humility and restrained sarcasm as I sit before you this evening in Blog World.

Seriously, my thanks to Nap Warden for the "You Make Me Smile Award." I really appreciate the kind recognition and encouragement from a fellow blogger. Nap Warden provided recognition to a novice blogger and I appreciate her kind comments.

In honor of this auspicious occasion I would like to recognize fellow bloggers that I believe, in my humble, opinion are outstanding providers of the Smile.

All about Benjamin...

Chris in Oxford

On Frozen Blog

Wilson Six

Pass on the smiles.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cookies are Coming, the Cookies are Coming!!

There are 12 days of cookies on the way. That is a dozen, dozens of cookies! I share this post with one and all to encourage the baking of cookies. My only selfless request would be that I would have the opportunity in my house to sample just a few of the delectable’s.

So, bloggers of the world. Pass on the link. There will be a new cookie recipe each day over a 12 day span. Think fresh, fun cookies. I do this only for the benefit of others. (Well, kind of...)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To All the Veteran’s in My Family - Thank You

Thank you, for your service, your leadership, and for answering the call of your country. Your service ranges prior to World War I to the Global War on Terror in the branches of United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force.

Your family appreciates you. Happy Veteran’s Day. We will never forget your service.

Walter K. Wilson (1880-1954) – US Army -World War I and World War II- Major General
Walter K. Wilson, Jr. – (1906 – 1985) – US Army - World War II, Korea, Vietnam - Lieutenant General, Chief of Army Engineers
Walter K. Wilson, III (Retired) – US Army - Vietnam
Colonel, Corps of Engineers
Fredrick Wilson (Retired) – US Army - Vietnam
Lieutenant Colonel, Armor

Fredrick Wilson, Jr. - Coast Guard - Global War on Terror

Delores Garcia Wilson (Retired) – US Navy -
Global War on Terror

Everett Coyt Dimick – US Army – World War II and Korea- Major
Charles Davidson Orrison - US Air Force- World War II, Korea, and Vietnam

John Newton Wilson – US Army - World War II -Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army American Cemetery in Normandy France. He died during the battle of Saint Lo in July 1944.

Hayden Amidon - US Navy

Terrence Edward Amidon – US Army

Steve Bevis- U.S. Marine Corps- Korean War

General Phillip Sheridan - US Army - Civil War

Jason Tengan - Commander, US Army, Air Force and Coast Guard - GWOT

Ben Aton - US Navy - Global War on Terror

Again we thank each of you for your service. To the families of the known and unknown, who made the ultimate sacrifice, you are also in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks to all Veteran’s everyday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coolest Car Commercial Ever

News Flash - The French Like Us

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Watching the news this week on the political front helped me to understand the answer to the question, how low can you go? Our Commander in Chief was all about making sure the world knows we have a renewed friendship with the French. This is what I meant by rock bottom.

All due respect to the French people. Not that the truly self absorbed need it. But history should teach us a lesson about the French. Each time we become friends it costs us! Then they repay us by dumping on us. Beware!

I was glad to see this interaction with the French allowed a number in Congress to find something to do! The House and Senate Dining Rooms had renamed their bits of potato that accompany a hamburger to "Freedom Fries" when the sour puss of France wouldn't play well five years ago. Well this week in Congress have flip flopped, surprise, we are back to French Fries.

Glad to see we have made great progress. Lafayette, would be proud. Liberty, Democracy and French Fried Potatoes.

Boodles got to Go in a Limbo

This post comes under the kids say the darndest things category. Princess Dabba ran into my room this morning all excited. Dad, Dad, did you get to see that Boodles got to ride in a Limbo last night? I said, A Limbo?

Yep, it came to the door to pick her up last night on here way to a birthday party. It was really long, white with lots of doors and windows.

The excitement that early in the morning drew a crowd. The Minister of Plain comes in hears that Boodles got to ride in a Limbo last night. He said it was a Hummer. Confusion of the face of the Princess. It was a Limbo, she shot back at the Minister.

I smiled and it explained it is called a Limo. Princess smiled, kissed my face and said, "It was a Hummer Limo."

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sixteen Years Today

It seems like yesterday that my lovely bride said, "I Do" to the big question posed by the priest standing in front of friends and family. Well, maybe not just yesterday! Today is the anniversary of that joyous event. Sixteen years ago, on Saturday, November 9, 1991 was the big day. Life has been fun and interesting ever since.

Don't know what life would have been like had the Big Event not taken place, nor, do I want to ever find out.

Happy Sixteenth Anniversary Punkin. I love you. Thanks for putting up with me.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Envelope - Please

With the assistance of the firm of Funk, Wiggles and Bubbles, the non-profit giveaway numbers generating group. This highly respected firm was organized just for Fall Y'ALL Giveaway support.

With 404 Posts (Very cool, applause!!!!), entries from many wonderful bloggers and great comments, for a $20.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card the winner is: (Envelope Please)

Congratulations Awesome Mom - You can visit her Blog at

Notification by e-mail to Awesome Mom has gone out electronically.
The card will go out in the mail on Monday, November 5.
Thanks to all for participating. We had great fun. My appreciation to Funk, Wiggles and Bubbles.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

And the Winner Is!!!

The contest giveaway has ended. The last entries are in. The firm of Funk and Wiggles will be reviewing the posts. Randomly generating an answer later this evening. The winner will be posted and contacted. The envelope please:

Due to the timing of the LSU and Alabama game this evening we will now take a commercial break before delivering the results.

Many thanks to all who participated in the Giveaway. Thanks for the Leadership of Rocks in My Dryer for the Fall Giveaway.

Amazing Facts I Question

A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles per year.

Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year.

That means, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon.Kind Of Makes You Proud To Be American.

It makes me feel better to know I get better mileage than most SUV's.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Someone has some splaining' to do

For those of you out there who actually saw the show you will recognize the headline of this post as a version of the Lucille Ball Show and the quote from Ricky when something happened, "Lucy, you have some splaining to do!" ...

Two of my children came home from school today and a travesty of justice has taken place. There should be an investigation, call CNN, get Tim Russert to come ask some tough questions, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Times should be alerted.

My son and daughter are wonderful children. But, something has to give. The story I heard was unbelievable.

They each received a 103 on their spelling tests. Not a 100 plus the 5 bonus points for a total of 105 points they normally receive. This is the first time the score hasn’t been every point, all 105. What form of non-violent punishment should be used? Time to contact the President and the Attorney General Nominee to discuss what constitutes torture.

I have to keep from biting a hole in my lip. The grades on my report cards and papers rarely had scores of 103. I am very proud of them. This better not happen again! Smile!