Friday, November 19, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen,
It's Friday. Yea. Glad this one is here. It has been a long week.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Yep, she said yes. Or, it was; " I do". Nineteen years ago. And, it is our Anniversary.
I still remember it like it was yesterday.
Weeks leading up to the main event we discussed vows, readings, who would stand where, you know, all the important stuff.
My father-in-law to be was the most fun. We would stand around at all the "required" social events and watch the "loot". I mean all of the thoughtful gifts that our friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors gave us. We would chuckle about the stuff. Don't get me wrong. Jennifer married me for love, not money, so the gifts helped us to get started.
Anyway, the wedding day was very unique. First, it snowed in Huntsville, Alabama on that Saturday morning. Someone in the wedding party said that snow on the wedding day meant a fertile marriage. Oh! boy, if I understood what that snow indicated I would have followed my brother and been married in Hawaii. Kids, if you are reading this I wouldn't trade any of you in....
So, we are in the ceremony. We have reviewed everything in advance. As I am standing at the front of the church with this beautiful lady standing next to me the priest gets to the vows. I am now beginning the out of body and mind experience. The priest says, repeat after me. I heard the first six words, each and everyone of them. Then the realization that I, the groom, am suppose to be looking into my soon to betrothed eyes, when I realize that I am behind in the monologue. (So, flashing back to the rehearsal the night before, this isn't right! There was just I do! It is then I realize that my future Mother-in-law and spouse to be , had a change of plans! Hum, could this be a sign?) Okay, snap out of it. Repeat what he is saying! I had a big grin cause I was caught flat footed. But, I made it through the ceremony! Glad it I followed along. I've been trying to catch up with her ever since.
Today, I laugh about it. Nineteen years! WOW!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Please get out and vote tnday.