Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicken Soup - Saves a Puny Man

Ms. Ann to the rescue. The finest provider of confections in our part of the world. Is also the saver of men!

On Wednesday yours truly was being pounded by a bug. A temp of 103, a sore throat, and general wimpiness. So, being home from work I decide while laying in the bed, and not wanting to go anywhere, to make a connection to the outside world through Facebook and Twitter. Just to update the world on my lack of well being. Okay, a lesson; if you tell it, people will respond.

The responses came literally from all over the country. This wining thing when sick garnered some serious sympathy and provided good cheer to the one hiding behind his woobie. Ms Henry asked if there was anything she could do from over 60 miles away. So putting me out of my misery would take some time. (Not seriously considered, just a figure of speech) A note from Mom Said So in Connecticut hoping it wasn't the flu. A number of well wishers from throughtout the southeast. Then, THE Golden Ticket!

To put you in the frame of mind you have to have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Either version, old or new. To understand the pleasure and unadulterated joy that Mr. Charlie Bucket must have felt upon finding the last of the tickets that would grant him access to the land of confections that Mr. Wonka makes inside his factory.

Ms Ann, the local maker of perfection confections and other meals of renowned (Annie Cakes) offered.....Holding your breath now; some Chicken Soup to save the wimpy! Mind you, this isn't the stuff from the can. This is the real poultice to ward off what ails you! The message. "Chicken soup is on the way!" Wohoo! I have been granted access to the kitchen of Ms Ann. I began to feel light headed. I didn't know if it was the bug or the emotion of finally getting through the steel doors of Ms Wonka's factory of goodies. Later it was determined to be the excitement of the goodies. I had to start feeling better to have food provided by Ms. Ann.

Too call this magic elixir just Chicken Soup is like telling Hussein Bolt that he is kind of fast. This stuff when it arrived by special certified courier was magical. Real Chicken Soup. Home made with large chucks of poultry, a liquid that made the sickness shoot from my body like Big John Coffee did for Tom Hanks character in the book and movie the Green Mile. This stuff caused some serious recovery.

There were also non sick people in the house that were able to enjoy the magic pourage. It caused general good cheer and happiness throughout the house.

Ms. Ann, you should get a license and a patent on that stuff. Maybe you could feed it to people out there managing our economy. Man alive I just know the recession would be over! Powerful, powerful stuff.

Thanks for coming to my rescue. As always, you are my hero!

Newest Wilson Arrives on Scene

Congratulations to Erin and Stu on the birth of Stuart A. Wilson, Jr. He is beautiful. The little guy in the blanket! So there is no confusion. We are all happy he is here and glad to report that Mom and baby are doing well.

The newest Mr. Wilson made his appearance in the world last Friday about midday. At this writing big sister is adjusting well to being a big sister. This is an important role to be the older, and wiser, and better looking sibling. (Enough about me!)

Lots of happiness and joy as Stu, the dad, has already installed the hoop at the end of the crib. Stu Jr. or SJ. as he likes to be called when hanging with other kids, has to shoot 10 free throws before he gets the stuff that does the body good!

No, Coach Williams. It is too early for him to commit. He is also considering the MIT Scholarship at this time.

(My thanks to Ms M. the photographer. She was joannie on the spot with the pics. Wish we could have been there with you.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thelma and Louise are coming to my house.

There is a big day at the Wilson house tomorrow. The ladies will arrive.
The event is taking place because our wash machine of 13 years gave up the ghost last weekend. In our homestead there is no more important appliance than the mechanical cleaner of clothes. With a family of 6 the thing gets a work out. I couldn't even guess the number of miles the spin cycle had achieved.. A quick back of the envelope estimate.... the thing had to be in the multi million mile club. We did get our moneys worth out of the olde thing.
Like an old football lineman the appliance was pulled from service and unceremoniously benched. Taken from the house to the curb, then picked up by two gentlemen seeing an opportunity to gain value from the sheet metal of the old plan vanilla white machine. It was even raining slightly as the old boy was dragged the last mile. (Dabbing tears from the corner of my eyes)
What is red, has a twin sister, and named for two characters in an ultimate chick flick? The two new home essentials, named Thelma and Louise will take up residence on Friday morning. Yes, we are doing our part to raise the national output of durable goods. Mr. Bernanke, this may not show up in your tan book, but we are doing our part to contribute to the economic recovery.
There is much excitement about the arrival of the ladies. It appears that my wife has felt the repression of Mr. Henry Ford relating to our laundry equipment for a long time. For many years, the manufacturers of said equipment, basically have caused the space in our home to have any color equipment we wanted as long as it was white.
In our almost 18 years of marriage I didn't realize the angst the color of the appliances had caused.. Even my children have felt deprived by not having pigment in the steel. How was a guy to know. So, in choosing, the emancipation has taken place. Free at last, we're free at last, good gracious almighty we are free at last.
Ms Thelma and Ms Louise will be red. (Ms Ann this not a political statement and no one from any group or media outlet participated in this decision. ). This was a critical selection criteria for the new household assistants. I'm still trying to figure out how these vital pieces of equipment have already been accepted by name in the household. I have seen the naming of a living breathing pet take more time and much more deliberation.All are a buzz about the arrival of the ladies.
We have already confirmed that they are spending their last night of restfulness at the local big box retailer. Hope they are rested up because tomorrow, these beautiful ladies, named for outlaws, will begin working their way up the million miler achievement test.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spending time with my youngest lady

My youngest and I had some good quality time together this week. We attended events together, went to football games, a bonfire at a friend’s house, did bedtime reading, just hung out and traveled together. It was very special to see and hear life from the perspective of a six year old. Don't get me wrong, chronologically she is only six. She is beginning to outpace me in the maturity area due to the influences of her older siblings and her Mom. She is lots of fun and has a heart the size of the state of Texas. The time together will be the subject of a three post series.

Little Brother/Little Sister

Sweet thing did ask this week if she could be a big sister. This caused her Mom and me to give each other a couple of looks. It appears that Dabba has heard from friends at school about how you become a big brother or big sister! WOW! (This is the five alarm fire announcement that puts you on your toes)

My though is oh! I can't wait to see what she has learned after only about four weeks in Kindergarten. And I was wondering what the President was going to say to the kids. At this point I'm thinking his message, whatever it is, was going to be is kind of late!

"So, Mom and Dad, if we put our name on the list we can have a baby brother or sister!" More looks exchanged between the parental units. Relief! And confusion is the first two things after hearing the request. Okay, so science and biology class in Kindergarten haven't advanced that much since I was in over forty years ago, expect for the fire and the electricity thing. (Mimi, we have another entry for the book!) Not sure about the list but this will be an okay discussion.

Smiles now appear on the face of the relieved parents. See, as the six year old explains, there is a family in school that has recently applied for adoption. So, putting your name on a list is how you get a baby brother or sister. And, Dabba, doesn't want to be left out. She also has an Aunt and Uncle that live near Washington DC that are expecting any day now so there have been some baby discussions. Again, relief about the biological understanding thing. Thinking this might be a good time to have a redirect about a pet!

The topics passed after we discussed we might want to be off the list while we focus on her and her other siblings. There are hugs exchanged. I can tell this is not the last time we will have this discussion. Cause being the "baby" in the family isn't much fun if you don't have a little brother or little sister.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank goodness it is Friday! Football , family , and frosty adult beverages

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is watching Kassie and her volleyball team win the first 2 games leading !2 to 2 in the third

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Blogoversary to Me

Yep, a couple of days ago I celebrated by second anniversary as a blogger.

Can't believe it. This blog has survived two trips around the sun! Don't know that I have solved world hunger, done anything to reduce greenhouse gases or even righted any wrongs in the society. But, I'm still on occasion cranking out some text and sharing my views even if it is just me listening sometimes!

Being reflective when I started this process I didn't know what to expect. Had no idea what would happen when I decided to connect to the electronic world. All I can say is that I would have missed the experience of a lifetime.

I have met some great people in parts of the country and the world that I would not have usually had the opportunity to experience. And, it has been a learning process. Personally and technologically. The names of these folks alone tell you something about their take on the world. The Nap Warden, Wilson Six......Egel's Nest, Cause Mom Said So, A Free Man Down Under, Dad Gone Mad. Great people and great stories.

There has been laughter, tears, smiles, and frowns. Topics have ranged from sports, politics, stupid people tricks, blogs about my crew and updates about family and friends.

This has been lots of fun. Looking forward to more posts that cover topics from A to Z.

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bulldog Red Wins 16 to zero

Bulldogs Win. H starts the game as an end.

The Bulldog Red team won this morning sixteen to zero over the visiting Wildcats squad. Number 8 was out there in the offensive end position. He provided some great blocking on the end of the line. It was lots of fun to watch.

Here is the victor supported by his own Cheerleader. It was a wonderful day for some football.

The day started with the application of the bulldog logo to the helmet. An hour before the game. So I stopped and said hello to some good friends. Next thing we are working the concession stand. Then I'm working the grill making burgers and hot dogs. Cooking! Putting burgers and dogs in the bun then wrapping the goodies for sale. We had fun. I was glad to get to the game.

Will keep everyone updated throughout the season.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Public Service Announcement - Free Chicken

Time for some free Chick-fil-a sandwiches. Go to Chick-fil-a to get a free sandwich on Saturday over the Labor Day weekend.

Hey, it is Labor Day weekend and it is time for some football and some free chicken. Yep, I said free chicken.

Now for those of you who are living in parts of the uncivilized world; towns or countries that don't have a Walmart and a Chick-fil-a, you have no idea what you are missing. This is some of the best chicken sandwiches that you can get. As their tag line states, they didn't invent chicken, just the chicken sandwich, and boy howdy. They did a great one.

They also have some of the best tea in the world. Now. There is only one way to get tea in the south and that is called tea. To the rest of the world that is called sweet tea.

Anyway, just wanted to give you all a heads up that this weekend you can get a free chicken sandwich just by going into one of their locations. The rule is all you have to have is a logo of your favorite team. See for the rules.
Have a great Labor Day weekend. Go football, go chicken!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bumper Sticker - Concealment?

On the way to work today I was following a pick up truck down the road. As we came to the light we slowed then stopped. I was somewhat paying attention at 6:20 in the morning when the bumper stickers caught my eye.

Now, bumper stickers are the graffiti of the socially conscious, the obnoxious, educational notes, or just personal mission advertisements. Not sure. I do question why people will stick stuff on their cars. But, that is the choice of the owner.

Some put one or two stickers on their vehicles. Others apply enough of the sticky messages that it makes you wonder if the driver can see the other vehicles on the highway.

The sticker I saw this morning, at first, I consider a joke, then a potential warning. Then I was just perplexed at the message. The bumper sticker announced that the driver was a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association. Hum!?

What on earth? A bumper sticker telling me that the driver may be carrying a concealed weapon? Doesn't the bumper sticker, making the announcement, defeat the purpose of the concealment? Okay, it was early in the morning. But, I did give the driver a little more room! So the bumper sticker may have had the intended affect. I was hopeful that the driver wasn't a fellow employee. Sorry, but I did wonder if the driver would turn in to the Post Office.

As I passed by the driver I noticed his very large black cowboy hat and smiled thinking that I know his secret. He is packing and he told me but it is concealed.

When I got home this evening I checked to see if this was a social comment or a real bumper sticker. I did learn that there is a group out there called The Ultimate Resource of the Armed Citizen, the United States Concealed Carry Association. So, it appears to be the real deal

Tomorrow I will be cautious as I approach the trucks at the intersection.