Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Congratulations Seal Team 6

Nice going Seal Team 6. Great job on getting in and out. You professionals did a wonderful job.

Appreciate you bagging Terrorist #1 in the World.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A "Real American" jokes about Birth Certificate

I am a “Real American” - was the music playing just before the President Barack Obama’s speech on Saturday evening at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. My access to this group was by watching on C-Spann, because I couldn’t sleep.

The President’s birth certificate was in prominent display at the White House Correspondents Dinner via video. The President quipped, a couple of times, “My fellow American’s.” Underlining, Obama’s now confirmed citizenship. The annual dinner that started back in 1914 brings the members of the press that cover politics and the president to gather raising money for scholarships to journalism students. And to have some fun at each others expense. This year was no exception.

There were jokes about C-Span, the funding of NPR, a number of shots at the 2012 GOP potential presidential nominees and a number of remarks about Donald Trump. The President was clearly making hay about the Mr. Trump’s views on his birth certificate. Donald was in the audience and clearly had tired of the remarks.

The comedian speaking at the dinner was Seth Meyer, the head writer from Saturday Night Live and a fake newsman. How appropriate! I mean about the fake newsman. He continued piling on “The Donald.” Topics included the Donald’s hair, his accent, and his plan to run for President. Following the dinner, Meyer’s Tweeted, that he was awaiting Trump’s reaction to the jokes.

Meyer’s did push into the Administration. Saying he wished that the 2008 version of Barack Obama was around. This prompted laughs from the audience. Meyer’s complimented the First Lady then said, “Mr. President you have aged. Maybe you should start smoking again!” WOW! Meyer’s was funny and clean.

It was clear to me that the past few years of being dogged by the question about the birth certificate have caused the President some discomfort. The amount of criticism directed at the opposition and Trump specifically showed in the remarks.

Glad to hear we finally have what should have been presented, to the American people, at the start of the campaign process in 2007.