Sunday, August 30, 2009

You never know what your day will bring

While in Washington DC to visit my brother in the hospital I had one of those moments that makes you realize that you never know what the day can bring. As my brother and I walked the hallway of the hospital we saw a group of people come on to the ward. Instantly, I recognized the person and tried to do the cool, let's not make to big a deal, try not to look like a groupie thing. We smiled and headed down the hall on our walk.

Anyway, the person of interest was in the hospital to visit the combat wounded troops! How neat is that. As we learned from the people on the hallway she had already spent time with the troops at Walter Reed Hospital earlier in the week.

Okay, I was trying not to be to geeky or even getting in the way of what was going on. I just stood and observed as she and her small team with military escort visited the rooms of the combat wounded. WOW! How special is that. It wasn't the drive by and shake a hand kind of visit either. She was spending some real time with the soldier and the family. Just getting to see her move through the hallway was honor enough.

To me this is one of the good news stories that never makes it out to the world.

After she had spent over three hours on the ward she made time to say hello to my brother, my sister in law, and my Mom. My brother was in the hospital recovering from some serious surgery. She talked and took pictures and shared her time. My brother is a huge music fan so it helped his spirits and healing for sure. The smile on his face was electric.

As she was leaving I asked if I could have a picture. Yep, that is me and Stevie Nicks.

I really appreciated what Ms Nicks did for my brother that day. Just sharing her time and spirit made the day that much brighter.
As I said, you never know who you will see. Last time my brother was in the hospital some guy named George W. stopped by for a hello and pictures.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new low! Stealing from a 70 year old!

A friend of mine received a call that she had won the "Publisher's Clearinghouse" Millions. At first, that sounds very exciting. A check was in the mail. Then something happened to the check. Then there was a fee, paid through Western Union, that would free up the check. It has escalated from there. Once the fee was paid the "package" was to be FedEx'ed the next day. Of course. Nothing arrives and there is some other hurdle. It has gone on for weeks.

These crooks are organized. They have people who are pretending to be an international banker from New York City, a Custom's person at the Dallas airport, a Publisher's clearinghouse rep, and another character that calls to provide prize updates. Places like Puerto Rico, Costa Rico, New York City, Dallas, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee are involved in this intrigue. If this wasn't so hurtful to my friend the creativity shown by the crooks would make a great movie.

What bothers me is that there are a lot of public company names being used in the scam. When each has been contacted they have been polite but haven't helped much. The authorities that have been contacted all think the process is a scam. But, they can't help. Each suggesting we talk to another. My frustration is this can't be the only person in the U.S. facing this dilemma. When you call "Publisher's Clearinghouse" they have two phone options for if you have received a communication or believe you are being scammed! Obviously, not an isolated event.

After escalating from dollars to get the gift it appeared to have stopped. Then a the crooks are back. These folks are calling promising something that isn't coming. Then they propose a solution to get the money paid in back to my friend. But it requires another activity to enrich them.

Suggestions on how to get these people stopped? I would like to personally find the scum bags that are taking advantage of my friend in her 70's.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Have the politicians forgotten who they work for?

Maybe it is time for all elected officials to do a little review of their job description. Or, maybe it is time for us, you know, the We, in We the People, in the Constitution, to do the review. Apparently, the 535 people who sit in Congress, both houses, have forgotten who they represent! In my world that word "represent" means who they work for....their boss. Most of us, regular people, have a boss.

It appears that once the election is over the people elected from other areas of the country, committee chairs, and a members of their political groups, Speakers, Whips, majority and minor leaders, the activity groups, become more important than their boss! The people they represent! Hello, remember us!

I was taught a simple lesson in school. School work first. Extracurricular activities follow. Any others out there in electronic world heard the same message? Last Monday night I received a refresher in the message at my daughter's freshmen orientation for High School. So, the message must be time tested and practiced.

Watching the responses from the "elected" representatives at the Federal level as they listen to the VoX Populi ask them tough questions is astounding to me. Obviously, the people who work for us haven't faced a status report, an evaluation, or had a face to face with the boss, on their progress in a while. They seem surprised that as the economic conditions in the rest of the country have changed that we the People are expecting better service from those who represent us!. In regular people terms; we are expecting more for less not less for the future. Maybe they need to hear from VoX Boss! (Okay, not a real Latin term, meaning voice of the boss!)

I'm seeing the real surprise in their faces, both on television and in person, as the Members of Congress are being asked about their spending, their attendance, their knowledge of the facts, and why they voted in a manner that didn't represent the boss. My fellow Americans, maybe it is time we start paying greater attention to what the custodian's of our funds are doing when the go to work. I sure plan to let my two senators, representative, and President know that, We the people, are on the job. I'm also looking into the state, county and local officials to see what they have been up to.

Hey, hear me out! The frustration I am feeling is that I haven't been watching my employees as closely as I should have. Shame on me! Just giving my employees fair warning that the boss and his buddies are now comparing notes on their work performance.

In this call to action what should you do? Find out the names of the people who work for you at the federal, state, county and municipal level. See how they are doing. In person. Not through the news filters, or the notes they send us, or based on any special interest group report card. It is time for We the people to get our employees working for us.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Catching up with friends

Over the past four days I have had the chance to catch up with my friends, not just a call or an email. Or the wave on the past each other highway or at a child's sporting events. This was honest to goodness sit down and spend awhile.

Explored my sisters business. Watered plants and learned that she has over 80 different kinds of Japanese Maple Trees. Also, learned a valuable lesson about chameleons. (Later post with pictures)

We spent real time with friends and family. Loved it!
Can't wait for the day to get started so we can do some more.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yep, My son is playing football.

My son is playing football. I'm excited for him.

Starting with a discussion last Monday at the local pool the young man shared his desire to play. This was news. He hadn't expressed any interest. then bingo.

So, this past week has been a flurry of activity to make it happen. All of this fell on dear old Mom to get things together. Jen was buying cleats, football pants and a chin strap.

I'm a little jealous. H, received a new helmet, the kind with the vents cut in the crown of the helmet and real padding inside. This would have prevented a few headaches in high school and college. He looks great in his football gear.

He appears to be either headed for the position of running back or cornerback. When chased he covers some ground quickly.

Will keep you posted on the progress of the Red team.