Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watching Wipe out on Television

If you haven't see the show on television called Wipeout you are missing a humorous session. Can you believe people would do this? There are a number of very strange obstacles that dish out some serious physical punishment. as the contestants go against the clock for money.

My kids can't help but chuckle as they watch the contestants to take the abuse that the designers of the game show dish out. It is tough to watch some spots.

Granted this isn't a mentally challenging 30 minutes of television. It is funny to hear the Monday morning quarterbacking that goes on with the suggestions to the people who are actually on the gameshow.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spending "Man Time"

This past Monday I had the opportunity to bring my son along on a business trip. Nothing fancy, a couple of hours trip, in a rental car, to see two of my employer’s locations. We had a great time. H, called it "Man Time." Just us guys.

Don't get us wrong. The two of us males love the females in our homestead. But every now and then we need to step out of the estrogen ocean onto a testosterone island.

We rode along together, talking, eating, making jokes, practicing our Scout knowledge and just being guys. Topics ranged from his camp physical that day, potentially a whole other post, to the rental car, to cool discovery topics. We discussed how my dad had taken me along on trips when I was H's age. (I can see the look in his eye when he thinks about me being a kid!) It makes me smile.

We had a great time. H still doesn't understand what we did when we didn't bring along, IPod’s, Nintendo’s, power connections, etc. to make trips entertaining. That look I discussed comes back!

The rental car I mentioned came into the trip when I developed car trouble on the ride home from work earlier in the afternoon. I commute about 65 miles to work each way so car trouble takes on a life of its own. Anyway, I dropped my car at the shop to be worked on and called the company that picks you up to deliver a car. You have to be standing there at the auto shop when the thing pulls up. One of the mechanics laughs out loud and says, "What is that?" Instantly, I knew that would have to be the car I was going to be using until my car was repaired.

Some more background. On the way to the shop, H hears me making the rental car reservation. "Hey, dad, will we get a cool car for the trip? How about an Expedition, or a Red Mustang, you know something cool." At nine cool is important. I'm thinking about price and functionality. With only 45 minutes until all of the rental car places in town close, I'm not being too picky.

Picture this rental car. Red, four doors, and very small. It was a Chevy Aveo! The car came with crank windows and only plunger door locks! It did have the new car smell. My son had never ridden in a car with crank windows. So we didn't look so manly in the four cylinder, Flintstone mobile. But, hey! After some giggling and hand adjusting the side mirrors, we were off on our guy time adventure. Ah, answer to H's earlier question, very low cool factor.

While at the work site, H, met the other adults there. I was being the proud dad, when he extended his hand to say hello and greet them. Nice going! H met a man that was from New Zealand. There was a discussion about the accent. H also hung out with a guy I work with who talked with him, gave piggy back rides, and called him H. There was a lot of knuckle pounding going on that evening.

The trip home at 2:00 a.m. was a good bit quieter than the ride over. He hung tough keeping me company as long as he could.

This was a great trip. I'm looking forward to the next time we get to spend some "Man time" together.