Saturday, June 19, 2010

Had a great time walking the Relay for life sun down 2 sun up. off 2 boy scout car wash

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Soccer Begins in just a few Hours

Let's get the game on. In just over 10 hours the world will begin watching the World Cup of soccer. This is a serious event all over the world. The games can bring an entire country to a stand still.

The viewing audience for the games is equal to over 50 Super Bowls. This all happens from June 11 to the middle of July. That is billions of people. They will follow thier team as they begin the process of playing through the brackets. First they must survive the play within the group of four countries. Then they will begin to play down to the final match. You lose you go home. You win and the stage to the rest of the world becomes open to you.

If you are interested ESPNsoccernet. com. Under games and schedule. You can find the tab for brackets. Choose your favorite players, your favorite country, or you can pick based on some other factor. But, do choose.

Who is your pick to be the World Cup Champion? Will the US move up to the finals. Will this be Brazil's year? What about the Brits?

Let's hear who you think.

Walt with Mr. Rollback, Darrell Owens

Had the chance to have my picture taken with a celebrity. He is a great guy. Really nice and down to earth.

He is helping to invent a new type of advertising. Some of his upcoming commercials are excellent.

Had a great time meeting him.

Walt with Mr. Rollback, Darrell Owens

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We had some interesting weather. Rain, lightening, hail the size of peas, then marbles and the wind, wow! Jen's brand new patio awning took flight. it didn't stick the landing. Sorry honey!
Saying some prayers we are having a significant weather event
Saying some prayers we are having a significant weather event
Had a great time at the Tim McGraw and Zac Brown concert last night. Great music and great fun!