Saturday, April 18, 2009

Father and Daughter Day

Today was a lot of fun. My five year old and I spent most of the day together. I had a chance to watch her play two soccer games. She scored 6 goals.

We then did team pictures. Watched her eldest sibling referee an indoor soccer game.

We did lunch, a hair cut, some shopping, a trip to Sonic, a trip to Petland and then some veg time. You know you can learn a lot by listening to a five year old. She was lots of fun and had some very interesting observations of what the world is like.

As we waited for the haircut we looked through the books of different haircuts. We played a game of guess what haircut the other wanted. She picked the George Clooney haircut for me then the Goth guy. I selected the Shirley Temple curly for her. She laughed. And I picked some of the haircuts that swoop over the eye, I called them one eye pictures. She laughed.

When we were shopping she picked out one of the models on a Kohl's picture and said it looked like me! Oh, yea. Who says love isn't blind!

When we got home we had a couple of messages from a friend wanting her to play. She had spent a long day with me. Graciously she mentioned that she would like to play with her buddy. Looks like I'm gonna have to hang with the spouse!

Hope you had a great Saturday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stanley Cup Playoffs - Penguins Win

4.17.09 - The Pittsburgh Penguins, the National Hockey League franchise in the Steel City, won on two shots from Bill Guerin. He scored the first Penguin's and last goal of the game. The most important shot being in overtime. The shot hit the post and beat the Flyer's goalie. This win lifted the Penguins to a two games to zero lead in the best of five series.

Guerin, a 38 year old player, experienced his first game winning goal of his seventeen year hockey career.

The Penguins will now travel to Philadelphia for a match against the Flyers on Sunday. This could be the potential deciding match for the Eastern Conference final.

Marc-Andre Fleury was the winning goal tender for Pittsburgh.

The game on Sunday will be televised on NBC. The schedule shows the 23rd and the 27th for the next two games should they be necessary.

Let's hope that Sid and the kids can complete the sweep!

Go Penguins.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Beach comes to the House

Over the weekend I acquired some play sand for the kids. The weather turned so we didn't get to put the sand in the kids sand box. This caused great disappointment for a young lady in my house.

The 100 pounds of sand has been in the back of my car since Saturday.

At bed time on Wednesday a request was made to put the sand in the garage so it was be available for the sandbox. When I procrastinated the sand made another round time to work with me. Oops!

As I headed home this evening I called my lovely spouse to let her know I was on the road to the house. As I finish talking Jen says a young lady would like to speak with you. Ok!

"Dad, could you please remember to leave the sand in the garage so we can get the sandbox opened?" This little voice just wanted to have a sandbox.

This little project manager had already reminded her mother about the sandbox. She also mentioned to me that she would meet me at the house.

How can you disappoint that persistence?

Anyway, I pulled up in the driveway. A certain young lady comes to me to remind me about guess what?

Just to let you know this story has a very happy ending. The kids had their feet in "The Beach" this afternoon. There were lots of helpers to move the sand, clean the sand turtle, get the supplies needed. Next there was the removal of shoes and socks then, feet in "The Beach"

There are a number of happy kiddos at our house. All over $6 dollars worth of sand and some family time getting "The Beach" ready. What a great evening.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to All

The family celebrated a wonderful Easter today. The little people awoke to check the arrival of the Easter Bunny. (Thank goodness it wasn't the butt crack of dawn.) There were some goodies for each of the kids.

We then did breakfast, church, lunch, and family time. The weather wasn't the best for Easter. It was rainy and very cold. A little pre-planning allowed for the festivities to continue. The Easter pictures were taken indoors this year.

Our crew did some practice egg hunts on Saturday. We had heard the weather wasn't going to be great so we hunted for some goodies in the backyard.

All had a great time. A number of members of the family celebrated that Lent was over allowing the consumption of chocolate, ice cream and some other things that were given up for the last forty days.

Hope all had a wonderful Easter. We did.