Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Random Act of Kidness.

Yes, I spelled it correctly. I mean kidness.  This post is about the random things that kids in our family say.

My most recent example has now been played out with three of my four kids. So maybe not random.  My wife and I have talked about the expectation with our kids that they should perform well in school so they can one day go off to college.  We know they are listening.   Because either immediately or within a few minutes of the discussion we hear, "Mom/Dad, don't worry.  I'm not going to go off to college!  I'm going to stay home with you." (Oh! How sweet.)

Now, we all understand this is from the point of view of a little one that needs Mom/Dad. So I'm not playing with the security and sense of comfort that our kids have and need.  But, as a parent, this is one of those moments that you have to capture.  This is a perfect thing to read back as they head off to college, or a big life event or a wedding as they leave the nest.

So, I have had each of my kids that have made the statement write the statement on a piece of paper. We then put it in an envelope.  The little one then signs their name and writes the date on the outside of the envelope.  This is then placed in the safety deposit box.

I can't wait for the time we will be able to share the statement.  It will bring back thoughts of the original statement and frame the existing event in a whole new way.

Feel free to copy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Congratulations Seal Team 6

Nice going Seal Team 6. Great job on getting in and out. You professionals did a wonderful job.

Appreciate you bagging Terrorist #1 in the World.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A "Real American" jokes about Birth Certificate

I am a “Real American” - was the music playing just before the President Barack Obama’s speech on Saturday evening at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. My access to this group was by watching on C-Spann, because I couldn’t sleep.

The President’s birth certificate was in prominent display at the White House Correspondents Dinner via video. The President quipped, a couple of times, “My fellow American’s.” Underlining, Obama’s now confirmed citizenship. The annual dinner that started back in 1914 brings the members of the press that cover politics and the president to gather raising money for scholarships to journalism students. And to have some fun at each others expense. This year was no exception.

There were jokes about C-Span, the funding of NPR, a number of shots at the 2012 GOP potential presidential nominees and a number of remarks about Donald Trump. The President was clearly making hay about the Mr. Trump’s views on his birth certificate. Donald was in the audience and clearly had tired of the remarks.

The comedian speaking at the dinner was Seth Meyer, the head writer from Saturday Night Live and a fake newsman. How appropriate! I mean about the fake newsman. He continued piling on “The Donald.” Topics included the Donald’s hair, his accent, and his plan to run for President. Following the dinner, Meyer’s Tweeted, that he was awaiting Trump’s reaction to the jokes.

Meyer’s did push into the Administration. Saying he wished that the 2008 version of Barack Obama was around. This prompted laughs from the audience. Meyer’s complimented the First Lady then said, “Mr. President you have aged. Maybe you should start smoking again!” WOW! Meyer’s was funny and clean.

It was clear to me that the past few years of being dogged by the question about the birth certificate have caused the President some discomfort. The amount of criticism directed at the opposition and Trump specifically showed in the remarks.

Glad to hear we finally have what should have been presented, to the American people, at the start of the campaign process in 2007.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Storming in the Midwest

We are okay, for now! The past couple of weeks have shown unreal weather in our area. Mother Nature has been putting on a light, rain and wind display that has broken some records.

I can't believe the news that there were only 20 people injured in the devastation in the St. Louis area. I'm hoping that number stays there. The pictures from the airport and the surrounding communities is unbelievable.

Let's hope that the future displays aren't harmful.

Hope all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SANGEN While Driving

I spend a couple of hours per day driving in the car. While I am up and down the road I have observed some things fun and some sad. There have beenthings that have made me scratch my head, and stuff that made me go, burr! This is one of my recent observations and would like to share.

While driving the road I pulled up next to someone who is just SANGEN! That means singing like no one else can see or hear you. Their head is moving to the beat. You can tell it is loud. There may be some air drums or guitar.

You know they are doing their own private version of Highway Idol, Dawg. What would Paula, Randy and Stephen tell you? You know they aren't even worried about Simon!

I just nod and move on. So, please use your new word in a sentence. SANGEN. And enjoy yourself!

Do not try to take video or pictures of these people SANGEN. Focus on driving, please.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

They Love to Fly And It Shows!

Over the past month I have traveled three of the four weeks on business. It has provided some unique stories I plan to share on the blog. My collegues and I have had a great time, sometimes, as we watch the travel industry do its best, kind of, well sort of, a not at all, then step up. Here is installment one! I arrive at the airport 90 minutes early and it appears that my flight that was to depart at 12:43 is first delayed, then redelayed while I am checking my bag. So, I talk with the Desk Agent, the one outside of security. She mentions that the flight is seriously overbooked. Nice! Since I checked in last night this should be no big deal. After I go through security I decide to see where the gate is and the status of my flight. As I stroll up since it appears I have plenty of time. They are requesting volunteers to give up their seats on the overbooked flight. They have no volunteers. Because there is no human stampede to accept the gracious offer. So, I asked the gate agent if she can get me to Birmingham before I volunteer. She punds on the computer keys and then with a smile, says no, she can’t get me to Birmingham today. Okay, so I can't volunteer. I smile, thank the lady and decide to have a seat. So, I wait quietly. The flight time is changed again. So I dial the number to the Delta ticket line (1-800-221-1212). Unrelated to the call. The gate agent then calls me back up. It appears they are now going to cancel the flight. That shows all of us for not playing nice, huh? So, since I was told they couldn’t get me to Bham I was a little worried. But the phone folks are leaving me on hold. Let’s see if waiting in two lines works. Or, watch the development of plan B. The gate agent asks if they could send me to an alternate city. (Yes, Hawaii, flashed through my head, but that would be a career limiting move) So, if they get me to Atlanta I could drive. Okay, I’m asked to be seated without action. (Curious) The phone people are telling me how important I am, play music, try to sell me things through a recorded message. My normally calm, laid back demeanor is beginning to get ever so ruffled. I'm telling my self keep smiling. A couple of minutes later they have now added 2 hours to the delay. I get called up to the desk. They must be really liking the look of disbelieve I have. So, all of a sudden. Mr. Wilson, you will now get to fly to Birmingham, through Atlanta at 3:40 p.m. Since this is 12:15. As, I'm standing there the delay is now advanced to cancel. I’m excited. Still Smiling. As I get my new tickets and thank the lady at the gate. She leans over and says, thanks for not yelling. We got you taken care of because you didn’t yell or use bad language. (My Mother would be proud) Folks, you should see the line of all the people they are rebooking due to a cancelled flight/maintenance issue. The phone folks come on now, with, “Can I help you?” I thanked them and mentioned that Pam the gate agent in Tulsa has done a good job taking care of me. They thank me and hang up. So, in the end. I will get to Birmingham 3 hours later than I originally planned. But, I will get there. And it didn’t cost me extra. Thought I would share the wonderful moments of flying. See, I love to fly, and it shows! (Delta Airlines was not contacted for comment.)

Time for a Blog Refresh

Spring Cleaning is here! It is also time to recommit to providing the observations and muses of a regular dad. I have enjoyed the interaction of the blogosphere and have missed the creative outlet. So, I'm back!. If you are all still out there let me know. Busy Dad Mumbles!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Tennessee You got slammed in Nashville - UNC style

Butch Davis and North Carolina Tar Heels not only bent the rules on campus this season for their football team they also did so during the 2010 Music City Bowl game. That was unbelievable! North Carolina gets a break to be able to run plays to the final second. And then some!!!

North Carolina has players running on the field. Too many men on the field! Throw the flag. They have to many people in motion! And then they then snap the ball. The penalty is on the offense so, oops! Game over.

Oh! Wait not so fast! Let's review! We need to help out Butch and the boys. They only get one five yard penalty?

So now they get to kick a field goal to take Tennessee to OVERTIME?

I wonder what temporary service the Music City Bowl went to for the referees? What conference did these folks come from?

I'm not a Tennessee fan. But, I feel bad for Coach Dooley and his band of Orange. Hope 2011 turns out better!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My future movie maker

This is what appeared on my new iPhone. It appears that the seven year old, director, producer and actress is practicing. I love when I find these things on my phone. This is a kid at play!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - Wow! Does that feel good to say! Yes, it is the festive time of year. It is cold outside, the kids are in the kitchen making peanut butter balls and getting ready to bake cookies. I've just finished chomping on a candy cane and there is Christmas music playing from the IPhone. Christmas cards are arriving daily, I've see 12 different version of wish lists from the kids, and we have been connecting with friends and family about holiday plans. It doesn't get any better than that!

And yes, nothing says Christmas like a stop at Chick-Fil-A. After 4 hours of wrapping presents at Walmart for the participants in "Shop with a Cop". We decided to have brunch. And there was Santa Cow. Couldn't resist the photo op.