Friday, December 14, 2007

Ice put the Freeze on Blogging

My fellow bloggers. The weather put a crimp in my blogging and fantasy football. Our area was hit by an ice storm last weekend, we lost power and the Internet. Okay, we could live without power....but, Internet??? The children in my house were asking questions, is this what it was like when you and mother use to leave the cave to attack the mastodon? Ha, very funny.
We are slowly recovering. There are people in the neighborhood that may be without electricity for a few more days. So, I'm not complaining. Just know the lack of comments was due to global warming. As we speak the current temperature is about 15 degrees with ice & snow flying again.


Rhonda said...

Yikes. No power in this kind of weather is deadly. Glad you are getting back to normal.

Stay warm.

Rhonda said...

Ummm, you are headed up HERE for Christmas? Things will be crazy for you I know, but consider a short 1/2 hour detour North of I-95in Connecticut to visit us.

That is IF you are headed up I-95. We will put out the welcome mat.