Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

My thanks to all who have served our country in any capacity, either in a foreign or domestic posting. The service may have been on the land, in the air, at sea, or in a neighborhood. I would especially remember and thank those who have given their all in service to the country.

I have seen the headstones in Arlington National Cemetery, the Post Cemetery @ West Point, New York, the battlefields at Gettysburg, fields in Asia, Europe, and countless other places around the globe where Americans of every, race, creed, color, religion, and ethnic background are together in their final resting place. The places read like history lessons of military battles, events, or accidents, and tragedies where the individual was a participant performing service for our nation.

Please remember that the ultimate purpose of the weekend. To set aside a day out of the year for the nation to remember, reflect and honor those who have served. Take time as you go about your day to honor and remember those who have given so much, paying the ultimate price. Remember those who have fallen and the families and children that are without that member of their family. Remember, these people who gave so that we can have the freedom, liberty and independence each and every day.

All the best on this Memorial Day weekend.

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A Free Man said...

Thanks for the reminder and good to see a post from you!