Sunday, May 16, 2010

Countdown to No Fly Zone

The space shuttle program is winding down.
Having grown up in the time that flying in space was the coolest thing known to mankind makes me a little sad hearing that it will all be over soon. I had all of the mission pictures up in my room and, oh how I would dream about taking that flight. Just never took the necessary steps to get the ticket. Like learning to fly! But, it was dreaming not planning!

Having the space program out there did help me with homework. "if you don't do your math and science, you will not be able to fly!" Okay so spending billions to get me to do my homework has had little return on investment for the whole country, yet! I'm still working on it.

Anyway, let's honor the crew of the existing mission that have spent time preparing to go into space to advance the International Space Station. This mission alone is a big change for the days when I was a kid. Today, the US Shuttle, is delivering a Russian made component to the space station. So, some doors have been opened!

I am looking forward to the day that we are able to go out get on the shuttle and head to the moon for a month or two.

Have a great ride and come home safely.

You can follow the progress of the mission on

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