Friday, December 31, 2010

Tennessee You got slammed in Nashville - UNC style

Butch Davis and North Carolina Tar Heels not only bent the rules on campus this season for their football team they also did so during the 2010 Music City Bowl game. That was unbelievable! North Carolina gets a break to be able to run plays to the final second. And then some!!!

North Carolina has players running on the field. Too many men on the field! Throw the flag. They have to many people in motion! And then they then snap the ball. The penalty is on the offense so, oops! Game over.

Oh! Wait not so fast! Let's review! We need to help out Butch and the boys. They only get one five yard penalty?

So now they get to kick a field goal to take Tennessee to OVERTIME?

I wonder what temporary service the Music City Bowl went to for the referees? What conference did these folks come from?

I'm not a Tennessee fan. But, I feel bad for Coach Dooley and his band of Orange. Hope 2011 turns out better!

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