Sunday, April 17, 2011

SANGEN While Driving

I spend a couple of hours per day driving in the car. While I am up and down the road I have observed some things fun and some sad. There have beenthings that have made me scratch my head, and stuff that made me go, burr! This is one of my recent observations and would like to share.

While driving the road I pulled up next to someone who is just SANGEN! That means singing like no one else can see or hear you. Their head is moving to the beat. You can tell it is loud. There may be some air drums or guitar.

You know they are doing their own private version of Highway Idol, Dawg. What would Paula, Randy and Stephen tell you? You know they aren't even worried about Simon!

I just nod and move on. So, please use your new word in a sentence. SANGEN. And enjoy yourself!

Do not try to take video or pictures of these people SANGEN. Focus on driving, please.

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