Saturday, September 6, 2008

One year of Blogging - Blog Anniversary

The counter on my blog site reminded me that September 5th was the anniversary of Busy Dad Mumbles. This means for over 365 days, the planet making a full trip around the sun, I have had the opportunity to share with friends, family, and fellow bloggers my thoughts, commentary, and events.
My thanks to all of you for your visits, comments, and continued readership, (did I just make up a word?). The audience makes the process fun. Thank you for your support! I have had the honor of meeting some great people all over the world.

What a year! The family updates, the saga of our football team, birthdays, the arrival of new family member and the passing of my dad. We logged many entries into, The Book, the feature that maintains the many things said by my kids that we want them to have when they are older.

I have met a number of great bloggers. We even met a couple in real life and had a chance to visit another in their home.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. There was a chance to share advice and comments and receive both as well.

My thanks again for those of you have have endured my corny sense of humor and my dismantling of the English language. Hopefully another year of blogging will improve the grammar and spelling. The sense of humor is a loss.
Thank you for celebrating my blogoversary with me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Busy Dad! It has been an amusing year and you have blogged about some great stuff. My all time favorite has to be "Spider Paratroopers" - hysterical. Keep up the good work. Hugs, MiMi

Jenmomof4 said...

happy Anniversary! HOw time flies when you are typing away at the computer!

A Free Man said...

Happy Blog Day! Keep it up for many more.

Rhonda said...

NO! A year already? Well, well, well... how time flies when you're having fun!


Meikah said...

Happy anniversary, and more blogging years to come! :)