Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a great Saturday Sports Day!

Each Saturday morning at the breakfast table we ask the sports players how they are going to do during their event(s). Each week the youngest member of our crew announces a number of goals she plans to make. This morning the announcement was seven. Now that is a bit aggressive, yet we don't want to rain on anyone's creativity.

The day started with soccer. Our youngest had two soccer games. We knew she had one. The second was a scheduling surprise.

So we go see the Blue team play, they haven't come up with a name, and the young lady scores seven goals in her first game. The picture below is one of the seven going into the goal.

During the second game which followed within minutes of the first game she scores six more goals. That was surprising. Thirteen goals in two games. Very impressive.

We also discovered it is very difficult to take action pictures with the camera when you are trying to watch your child. You should see some of the shots we delete after the games.

At the same time all the above activity was going on Boodles, our ten year old, was playing a game at the other end of the sports complex.

Boodles played a different position than she had before and the ball was flying toward the goal. She scored a goal of her own, sent another sailing off the goal cross bar, and assisted on two other goals. She had also set up her team mates with some great crossing passes. Boodles and her team in Pink won their game

She was very excited about the result of the game, the team work displayed, and her contributions to the win. It was great to see her creativity on the field. There are no action shots from this game because dad can't multitask with watching, screaming, and taking photos. I'm working on it.

Saturday afternoon we switched to football.

What happened to Florida? Welcome to Southeastern Conference (SEC) football. Urban Meyer, some times you feel like a Nutt, sometimes you don't. Didn't you notice that Urban's press conference isn't the same when he and his team lose in The Swamp.

Then Auburn survives their game putting a beating on the Volunteers from Tennessee. I feel bad that Payton came to manage the spin for Coach Fulmer. Things will be rough in rockybottom for another week.

But the night cap was the featured game. Bama versus Georgia. Crimson Tide versus the Bulldogs. Number 8 in the nation against number 3. The first half was unreal. Georgia played like number 2, the stinky stuff.

Hey Dawgs, remember last year? We did. Ug Ah! 31-0 at halftime. The Tide rumbled over the blacked out dogs oh! sorry, Dawgs! I couldn't believe how quiet it was between the shrubbery!

It appears that Dawg don't hunt or do football at least last night!

If they clean up the penalties they might have a chance. Coach Richt has a persona of being on the up and up, but he has a team that is the most penalized in the SEC. We appreciated the help.

Just having some fun. Georgia has a real talented team. I can't wait to see the Georgia vs. Florida game.

Can't wait to see the poll rankings! ROLL TIDE!


A Free Man said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Tide rolled, and we rolled over. At least it wasn't against Tennessee or Florida or, god forbid, Tech.

I was happy to see Florida get beat as well, made the day a bit better.

Nap Warden said...

Hey Busy Dad...are you a Bulldog? I'm a Bulldog! I suppose after the game, I shouldn't shout that so loud...