Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chef In Training

This Sunday morning we were treated to a bacon and eggs breakfast. The fun part was the chef who prepared the meal. Hayden, our eight year old has been an accomplished preparer of eggs from shell to table on his own for sometime. He learned the preparation of scrambled eggs from his 13 year old sister who learned from the family patriarch of the Egg, Papa. Those are some big credentials in our family.

This Sunday morning the elite club of egg chef's has added a new member. Hayden left the kitchen in the middle of egg preparation to find a step stool then without prompting involved his sister, Abigale, at 5, in to the egg making club.

Care was taken to ensure safety. Direction about how to stir, the caution about holding the handle while cooking. The knowledge was transferred from one to another. Pictured above, both fresh from the shower worked together to make the eggs.

At the end of the cooking session both sat and ate together explaining the outcome. I knew it was a hit when little sister ask big brother if she could help again next week.

Hey Papa. You have another member of the family working on the title of best Egg Maker!

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A Free Man said...

Nice! I've got a few more years before the boy can be trained to cook me breakfast in bed.