Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness has arrived

This year March Madness has a completely new meaning in our family. Usually March Madness is associated solely with the NCAA Basketball tournament. Not this year, my youngest brother, A Division III Assistant Basketball Coach, and his lovely wife welcomed the arrival of their first child, Grace Ann, to the world early in the month of March.
Another of my brothers and his lovely wife celebrated the arrival of their granddaughter, Gabriella, within the last week. My sister and my brother in law celebrated the 18th birthday of their son, my nephew. (I was there the day he arrived and still can’t believe that much time has elapsed.) Duncan Hines and the Great American Cookie Company will be able to achieve their future P&L’s this month each year with the contributions from the family.

What a great family time! We can’t wait to meet all of the newest additions to the family. The pictures are beautiful.

On the basketball side of the house the last week has been very interesting. All of the planned first seeds in the NCAA tournament have lost. Pitt, North Carolina, Oklahoma, all dropped games in their conference tournaments, oops! This year’s tournament should be lots of fun. This will also be a tough week. There are over 364 Division I basketball teams. Two Hundred and ninety nine of the basketball teams will be on the outside of the event looking in. It should be fun. Time to develop the brackets. Let the basketball madness commence.

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A Free Man said...

Who do you have winning it all?