Sunday, March 29, 2009

Interesting Weekend

This was quite a weekend. It rained on Friday and was cold. Saturday we had lots of cold and snow. Sunday, it was beautiful and the snow melted rapidly.

We had car repairs over the weekend when the spouse's car failed to start in the garage on Saturday evening. With our schedule we were all headed in different directions. Quick modifications to the plans, a call to AAA and remembering there were jumper cables saved the evenings events. On Sunday, Auto Zone gets a big kudos, in a separate post, for great service at the right time.

We had multiple kids doing the spend the night thing and a soccer game on Sunday. There was a school project on the Common Cold and family movie night.

Today as I passed Tractor Supply there was a sign for Ducks and Chicks. I first took my eldest daughter in when we were out running errands. She thought it was cool to see the little poultry. Later in the afternoon the two youngest went back with me.

All got to hold a Duck and a Chick. The Tractor Supply associate keep offering to put a number of them in the box for us to take home. This gentlemen is obviously single. Okay, it is only $4.25 for a duck. And $1.95 for a chicken. Well within my spending range. But, with the house on the market and the fact these cute things will be big enough to be out of the enclosure shown above this wouldn't be a marriage enhancing move on my part. I did think about it. Lots of fun. My parents acquired some Ducks and a Rabbit one year for Easter. Great memories!

Did you know that the air holes for a duck on on his beak? The little duck not only has webbed feet but there are claws on them. When you pick one up it makes a good bit of noise. When you put it back the other Duck buddies come over to check on the well being of the comrade.

To wrap up the weekend the family grilled out this evening. Big fun. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


creative-type dad said...

Wow, I didn't realize that Ducks and Chicks where cheaper than a Happy Meal.

Anonymous said...

Loved the comment from creative-type dad!

Hugs, MiMi