Sunday, August 30, 2009

You never know what your day will bring

While in Washington DC to visit my brother in the hospital I had one of those moments that makes you realize that you never know what the day can bring. As my brother and I walked the hallway of the hospital we saw a group of people come on to the ward. Instantly, I recognized the person and tried to do the cool, let's not make to big a deal, try not to look like a groupie thing. We smiled and headed down the hall on our walk.

Anyway, the person of interest was in the hospital to visit the combat wounded troops! How neat is that. As we learned from the people on the hallway she had already spent time with the troops at Walter Reed Hospital earlier in the week.

Okay, I was trying not to be to geeky or even getting in the way of what was going on. I just stood and observed as she and her small team with military escort visited the rooms of the combat wounded. WOW! How special is that. It wasn't the drive by and shake a hand kind of visit either. She was spending some real time with the soldier and the family. Just getting to see her move through the hallway was honor enough.

To me this is one of the good news stories that never makes it out to the world.

After she had spent over three hours on the ward she made time to say hello to my brother, my sister in law, and my Mom. My brother was in the hospital recovering from some serious surgery. She talked and took pictures and shared her time. My brother is a huge music fan so it helped his spirits and healing for sure. The smile on his face was electric.

As she was leaving I asked if I could have a picture. Yep, that is me and Stevie Nicks.

I really appreciated what Ms Nicks did for my brother that day. Just sharing her time and spirit made the day that much brighter.
As I said, you never know who you will see. Last time my brother was in the hospital some guy named George W. stopped by for a hello and pictures.


Vivienne Stefani said...

What a heart-warming account of Stevie's visit. I enjoy reading about how sincere she is when visiting our troops. You can really tell where someone's heart is by what they do on their own time.

I would like to republish your post on my Stevie Nicks fan blog. May I do that? My readers would enjoy your story, as would my Twitter followers who all love Stevie.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great story! I wish your brother the best of luck with everything and hope he recovers soon!

Anonymous said...

It's really a great thing that Stevie does - and she doesn't do it for the notoriety... That's how you know it's genuine!

I wish your brother the best in his recovery!

Busy Dad Mumbles said...


You are more than welcome to use the story and the picture. I am honored. Stevie is a great lady.

Vivienne Stefani said...

Thanks very much! I've posted it on my site at this link and am certain my readers will enjoy your account as much as I did. Cheers to Stevie's thoughtful actions and please thank your brother for his service.

A Free Man said...

Very cool! Nice encounter.