Sunday, December 27, 2009

Who's a Tough Guy? Go Pope!

On Christmas Eve, as we were preparing to take our long winter's nap, the news flashed that Pope Benedict the XVI, (16th) for the non roman numerals people, was knocked off his feet by a woman jumping over a security barrier. All is well! Thank Goodness!!

Once the shock of the incident wore off my mind turned to who is a tough guy? Today if someone ran up to me an knocked me to the ground I'm not sure how I would respond. If you want to see it watch here. (Sorry about the video being in Italian) The whole words I would use thing would be a challenge. I'm sure the Pope doesn't have the same challenge that I would have.
Getting knocked down like that!! Wow! The Pope is 82 years old. With some help he was up and walked off to finish Christmas Mass. Impressive. It shows that someone is looking out for him.

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