Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Snowing, and snowing, and snowing!

I'm not going to get into the whole global warming discussion right now, especially, since the temperature outside is currently 12 degrees Fahrenheit. With the wind it feels like 6 degrees. Nope, not going to talk about warmth. (BRRRRR!) Since I can't feel my fingers and toes from just stepping outside for a few minutes. Nope, not going to talk about warming.

For the last three weeks we have seen a bunch of snow. We received another 4 plus inches last night that landed on the 6 inches we received on Christmas Eve. And that piled on the 10 inches we already had on the ground. As of this writing it is continuing to snow.

This is the snow on the back deck of the house. The young lady is standing with snow almost to her waist.

The kids are all watching the school and business closing list with mild interest. The ante was upped by a couple of school systems that pulled the trigger on not having class on Monday already. This is causing a number of discussions about the need to lay out clothes, some mild challenges about bed times and my favorite; From my youngest, she would like to know if I get snow days at work so we could have some more vacation together.

All of this snow has allowed for outdoor activities; some snowballs, a snow person, sledding, and icicle eating.
Here is the start to the snow person. Along with some team participation to put the next layer on the base.

Then celebration when the person was completed.

Just looking at the pictures of the winter events makes me cold. Having a great time with the snow. But, I am beginning to think about Spring.

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