Saturday, March 8, 2008

Princess Scores First Goal - Soccer Career Finally Launches

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After years of being made to go to soccer games as a newborn, hauled to matches as a toddler, and as she got older being asked to behave or play with the other kids while a different sibling was has finally happened!!! (Drum roll please!) The Soccer debut of our youngest child. (Cymbals Crash, crowd cheers, and proud parents dab away tears.)

Okay, I have to admit. In 28 degree weather, with wind and snow flurries, at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, there were a few distractions. Like pre-game pictures with friends. Our Princess is on the left that is her good friend from down the street on the right.
But, it warmed my heart to have all the family, minus one who spent the night with friends out, to root for one on my favorite members of the Garage Door Brokers team or "The Doors". At least they will have cool theme music. But man, it was cold.

Things got warmer as she scored her first goal. "The Doors" are a machine. We have another game at 12:30 today. It appears to be headed to a balmy 32 today when the sun comes out.

The day has arrived. All the crew are in activities, sports, church, a school program. Let the coordination games begin.

Last night as we prepared for the events it was like an ops briefing for the D Day invasion, minus the Stormin Norman video and charts. Maybe the charts would have helped. One game at 8:30, another at 9:30, two at 12:30, luckily on fields across the street from each other. Pick up child spending the night out, feed the whole combined crew, clean cleats, spruce up uniforms between games, addition to the op order, have much warmer clothing just in case. Prepare for the away matches for other teams.

It is on, full blast.

My wife is a Soccer Mom, minus the Mini-Van and the wind suit, thank god! I am the grumbling soccer dad, trying to stay calm and be a good soccer parent. With three different levels of soccer players I have to remember the rules for each level. Just lining up for the Garage Door Brokers will be enough, older brother, Sam's, has some more rules, but not offsides. Then eldest sister, Select, has the whole book.

Have to hurry. There is a Soccer/Family operations briefing about to start in kitchen. I have started saving my tasks in my TREO so I get the reminder. This is great. I can have my electronic reminder working for me at work and at home, one stop shopping for telling me what to do. Oh! this could be a conflict with the spouse since she does that job also! (Did I just use my outloud blogging voice?) (Just kiddin honey, Stormin Norman, Sir, sweetie.) Once that TREO buzzes I am like one of Pavlov's dogs trying to figure out where I am suppose to be and what and who I am to have with me.

Will keep you posted on "The Doors", Sam's, and Select, the three soccer teams. Oops, the Treo is reminding me about the ops update.

Have a great Saturday.


Anonymous said...

This could be a screen play for a movie. I could actually picture the whole wild scene. Tell the kids MiMi and PaPa are proud of their great playing yesterday!

Chris in Oxford said...

Congrats to your princess! Soccer in that kind of weather has got to be harder on the fans than the players.

I like your new header image!