Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your arms are the best pillows

We are at the time in the development of our fourth child that sleeping in her bed for the entire night is the topic dejur. We have progressed through this stage of life differently with each of our four kids. So, this isn't a post about what does Spock say, how do we do it in the modern world, or what the "no one can lose" society are saying. It is just a time of life. I needed to share this with you to set the stage for the our latest entry into "The Book".

Two nights ago it was late. The little figure appears at the foot of the bed. Then begins the climb into the area between me and lieber in our King sized bed. I'm just about to sit up and take the small invader back to her original snoozing location when from the mouth of babes, "Dad, I just need to get comfortable. Your arms make the best pillows." Next thing i know, this little person in one motion is in the bed, under the covers, snuggling, on my arm.

Well, far be it from me to send the sweet child back to her room. Lieber gave me the eye that spoke volumes about the habit I was rewarding. I was about to say, But, honey, didn't you hear how sweet and cute she was???

Just then I get a quick kiss from the small invader. Do you think she knows about conning her old dad?


Chris in Flux said...

I think she knows a sucker when she sees one! Little girls just own their Daddys, don't they?

Rhonda said...

Oh, this is SO funny. Our now 18 year old came sneaking into our room every night until she hit (whisper) twelve years old. At some point, she definitely had to sleep at the foot of our bed... on the floor. Cute or not, get ready to shove her out! Good luck! We feel your sleeplessness.

Nap Warden said...

Oh Busy Dad...She has got your number...You are toast!

Btw, great comment to Sissy on my blog:)