Sunday, May 25, 2008

School is out for Summer

Yep, it has happened in our neighborhood. The school year has ended! Final exams have been completed, awards presented, and report cards have been filled in and distributed. We have three kids moving on to the next grade. Two with straight A's and one A & B honor roll. (Applause, these are grades I didn't see often as a kid.)

Congratulations to the kids and Lieber for all of the hard work for the year. When the report cards came in Lieber was all excited because she works hard to make sure the kids are prepared for school. She has taught them all how to prepare and study. I always joke that going through the grades the second or third time through each child makes the work easier! This draws a laugh and a look.

I asked the kids their plans for the summer. Having some fun I asked about Math Camp, the reading lists that would be consumed, what would be done too keep the mental muscles in tone over the summer. The responses were both fun and a learning experience for me. Our eldest wants to travel and go places. Boodles just wants to hang out and my son really does want to go to Math camp. He likes Math so much he wants to study it, alot, even on Summer vacation! (Where did these kids come from? I love them and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. But, study math on summer vacation?

I'm thinking let the sleeping in begin. You would think?! But, nope. The same kids that can't get out of bed in the morning to get ready for school and catch the bus without some prompting....are up at the butt crack of dawn. (This I do understand. I use to do the same thing.)

There will be summer program, a neat session held by the schools to encourage kids life long learning. This runs for a couple of weeks. For each day the kids don't miss at the end of the week they are paid $5.00. Then at the end of the program they have a chance to win bigger prizes. Where was this when I was a kid?

There will be travels, friends, Vacation Bible School, and sporting events. In between all of this we will try and squeeze in some family time and relaxation. But, yes, School is out for the summer! (Starting next week we will begin counting the days till it starts again!)

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Rhonda said...

A program to teach the kids actual life skills is wonderful! I would love that!

Oh, and by the the saying "butt crack of dawn" as we also have our little favorite saying..."up at the crack of stupid!"

Either way...let the summer begin! In three weeks for us!