Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bowling for Big Brothers/Big Sisters

I have been invited by a team at work to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a bowler. This should be fun. The object is to raise money to assist a community program.

Since I have never bowled a 300 I will have to raise money the traditional way, by asking, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and anyone I come in contact with for funding.

My eight year old thought he had hit the jackpot when he heard about this project. He has always wanted a Big Brother so bowling to get one, he was all for it. Then he was willing to give some of his own money to get a Big Brother. This is an accomplishment since getting money from this gentlemen is akin to getting blood from a turnip. The nice way to say it is he is very frugal. So his donation is still pending.

Boodles, our beautiful 10 year old has a heart the size of Texas, and I'm not sure Texas is that big, listened to the project. A few minutes later she came walking into my room with 3 dollars. She explained that is all the money she has right now and would like to donate. She mentioned that she would be babysitting and would contribute more later.

Not to be out done Princess Dabba, four and half years old, came walking into my room with $1.00. She wanted to get into the act of contributing. When she had a chance to support her dad and be like her older sister she was thrilled.

Then J Designs, thanks to lovely wife, made a $25 contribution. In 1o minutes I had $29 dollars in contributions. This is going well.

I'm asking for your help. If you are interested in supporting Big Brothers and Big Sisters please e-mail me, the level of contribution you are willing to make. Over the Internet I will send you a PayPal invoice and/or give you the address to send the check, via snail mail. I will be sure to send you the receipts for your taxes when we get them on Tuesday evening, May 6, from Big Brothers and Big Sisters. No donation is to large or to small. All are welcome.

Your support is appreciated. I will be sure to blog about the results of the bowling and the fund raising. Watch the meter on Busydad Mumbles, my blog site, to follow the progress.


Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Thanks for the support that is coming in. We just received a $100 pledge.

Thanks Bill.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Thanks Mimi and Papa. Your for your support. The Big Brothers/Big Sister organization appreciates your support.

Busy Dad Mumbles said...

My sister, brother in law and nephew in Alabama came through with a $50 pledge for Big Brother's Big Sisters.


Busy Dad Mumbles said...

Tammy just emailed that she is donating $50.

Thanks for the support!!

Rhonda said...

Ok... I need the pay pal link sent to my e-mail. Is that possible?