Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Wonders of Math Homework

Its the night before a test. The semester and the school year end in less than two weeks. My daughter was out sick for a day and she learns that tomorrow on Friday she has a test that will be given.

Being a Stepford kid she has achieved a level of academic prowess that surely didn't come from her father. Anyway, Little Miss nothing lower than a 95 in all of her classes is stressed out about her performance on the test tomorrow.

When I come through the door the first I hear is there is a big math test tomorrow. So, I rush in to kiss the wife and kids then dash into my room where I get to put on my superhero costume, I mean, cape and thinking cap. (Here is Boodles in her's)

Together Boodles and I are working through the world of fractions, decimals, and percentages. At first the stress of not being in class for the review seemed tough to overcome. Then we worked on pizza examples, age, and some percentage examples from the newspaper. There was some frustration. I could see the look in her eye that there didn't seem to be a connection. Some review, then some questions. Then time for bed. Math lessons over.
The next morning there were some discussions about the test. A couple of review questions. Then I headed out the door for work and Boodles caught the bus.

P.S. I get a call at work today. Boodles would like to talk to me about some news she has and wanted me to know before I got home. "Dad, you know the test, ah, well, I tried hard." I could just predict the next words from her mouth. As a parent you don't want your children to fail. But, it does happen. "Dad, my grade was a.....94." WHAT? I was stunned. She is very talented and works hard. But, after last night's study session this sounded impossible. Boodles said she waited to tell me the score just to make me nervous. Well, it worked.

It was the student. She did a fine job. This should be the last math test of the year.

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