Monday, July 14, 2008

Giving someone the "Stink Eye"

This may surprise my readers that occasionally I have a day to two that makes me somewhat cranky. Without words I can share my mood with a look, a stare, or a head shake.

A few years ago my sister shared a phrase for the look that absolutely cracked me up. She called it a "Stink-Eye." We laughed so hard hearing the description. She just couldn't show us what a good "Stink-Eye" looked like at the time. So, time passed before we could actually find an example.

The strange thing about the joke and the description is that the perfect example came from a beautiful young lady who is our youngest child. While taking pictures with her mother she turned toward the camera and presto. A "Stink-Eye" was captured.

The next time time you are having a rough day or disagree with something you have heard, bust out a "Stink-eye"


Chris in Happy Valley said...

That's a darn fine stink eye! I've gotten that look more than I'd like to admit in my time.

CrackerJacks said...

Oh MY Gosh! Adorable! She means business!