Sunday, July 6, 2008

News from the US Olympic Trails in Eugene

Checking in this past week with a couple of my sibilings I was making calls to see what is happening when I reached one of my brothers. We chatted, shared upcoming travel plans, stuff about work, asked about the spouse and kids, then I asked what are you doing tonight? His response floored me. "I'm at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, so I am going to work and watch a couple of races." This would be at Haywood Field at the University of Oregon, the land of the ducks.

Well, that night is much cooler than I'm going to run a couple of errands, cook some dinner, and finish off my last John Grisham novel. It was kind of the adult version of my night is cooler than your night. Charlie won and I didn't even know we were competing.
Both he and my sister, who are runners, in the athletic business and are from the west coast. So it was not unusual they would be doing something fun and athletic, my sister has competed in four Olympic Trials, but Charlie won the evening events prize.

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Chris in Happy Valley said...

Beats my weekend as well!