Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to All

The family celebrated a wonderful Easter today. The little people awoke to check the arrival of the Easter Bunny. (Thank goodness it wasn't the butt crack of dawn.) There were some goodies for each of the kids.

We then did breakfast, church, lunch, and family time. The weather wasn't the best for Easter. It was rainy and very cold. A little pre-planning allowed for the festivities to continue. The Easter pictures were taken indoors this year.

Our crew did some practice egg hunts on Saturday. We had heard the weather wasn't going to be great so we hunted for some goodies in the backyard.

All had a great time. A number of members of the family celebrated that Lent was over allowing the consumption of chocolate, ice cream and some other things that were given up for the last forty days.

Hope all had a wonderful Easter. We did.

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A Free Man said...

Happy belated Easter to you as well!