Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Beach comes to the House

Over the weekend I acquired some play sand for the kids. The weather turned so we didn't get to put the sand in the kids sand box. This caused great disappointment for a young lady in my house.

The 100 pounds of sand has been in the back of my car since Saturday.

At bed time on Wednesday a request was made to put the sand in the garage so it was be available for the sandbox. When I procrastinated the sand made another round time to work with me. Oops!

As I headed home this evening I called my lovely spouse to let her know I was on the road to the house. As I finish talking Jen says a young lady would like to speak with you. Ok!

"Dad, could you please remember to leave the sand in the garage so we can get the sandbox opened?" This little voice just wanted to have a sandbox.

This little project manager had already reminded her mother about the sandbox. She also mentioned to me that she would meet me at the house.

How can you disappoint that persistence?

Anyway, I pulled up in the driveway. A certain young lady comes to me to remind me about guess what?

Just to let you know this story has a very happy ending. The kids had their feet in "The Beach" this afternoon. There were lots of helpers to move the sand, clean the sand turtle, get the supplies needed. Next there was the removal of shoes and socks then, feet in "The Beach"

There are a number of happy kiddos at our house. All over $6 dollars worth of sand and some family time getting "The Beach" ready. What a great evening.

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