Saturday, April 18, 2009

Father and Daughter Day

Today was a lot of fun. My five year old and I spent most of the day together. I had a chance to watch her play two soccer games. She scored 6 goals.

We then did team pictures. Watched her eldest sibling referee an indoor soccer game.

We did lunch, a hair cut, some shopping, a trip to Sonic, a trip to Petland and then some veg time. You know you can learn a lot by listening to a five year old. She was lots of fun and had some very interesting observations of what the world is like.

As we waited for the haircut we looked through the books of different haircuts. We played a game of guess what haircut the other wanted. She picked the George Clooney haircut for me then the Goth guy. I selected the Shirley Temple curly for her. She laughed. And I picked some of the haircuts that swoop over the eye, I called them one eye pictures. She laughed.

When we were shopping she picked out one of the models on a Kohl's picture and said it looked like me! Oh, yea. Who says love isn't blind!

When we got home we had a couple of messages from a friend wanting her to play. She had spent a long day with me. Graciously she mentioned that she would like to play with her buddy. Looks like I'm gonna have to hang with the spouse!

Hope you had a great Saturday.


A Free Man said...

Sounds like a near perfect day. Busy though!

Rhonda said...

You are such a great dad. Lucky kids you have there.