Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cadet Carlton slays the Commodores

Dad, I hope you were watching football today. Your Cadets beat the Vanderbilt Commodores in overtime!!!. I’m sure you’ve heard already. The question I have, isn’t a Commodore a Navy rank? Not looking to far ahead.

It was nice to see the Golden Knights of the Hudson with a win over an SEC team. Okay, maybe not an SEC powerhouse. But, academically, these folks probably match up closer than any other team.

Cadet Alex Carlton, 186 pound sophomore, from Wilmington, Delaware, kicked a 42 yard field goal in overtime to beat Vandy. The game was played at the Michie Stadium on the West Point campus. Okay, it was close; the field ball did bounce off the upright, but, good is good.

At this point in the season the cadets are 3 and 3. The next team will be Temple in Philadelphia.
I can hear the cheer now. (The rocket!)

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