Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cultural Season Begins

It was a big night on Friday evening. The beginning of the cultural season. I'm not talking about the ballet or the start of the symphony musical season or the opera. This season does showcase some extremely talented participants. There is coordination, creativity, and grace in motion. The season that started last night has Stars, Blues, Flames, there are also Penguins, Rangers, Avalanche, and Canadians. The 2009 National League Hockey Season is underway.

Got Ice? Got a Stick and a Puck? We've got hockey again!!

This is the last season for the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. The Penguins will move to the Consol Energy Center for next season. It could be the last season for the Phoenix Coyotes in the desert. The chase for the coolest trophy in sports, The Stanley Cup, is on.

The Pittsburgh Penguins lifted the Stanley Cup banner last night in Pittsburgh before facing off against the New York Rangers. Here is some great video of the event. The Penguins won 3 to 2 over the New York Rangers. Tonight Coach Dan and the Pens face the New York Islanders.
The first of 85 cultural events with the pens have taken place. Can't wait for the next match.

Let culture reign! Let's follow the pens.

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A Free Man said...

I love watching hockey. But the strike and work stoppage kind of turned me off the NHL. But hey, enjoy!