Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Read - Lot's of fun

The last couple of evenings I have been escaping from the rat race and the buzz of the house to read for fun. Most of the time the books are work related or business topics. My most recent read was a blast. Through the generosity of a fellow blogger I was able to cruise through 300 plus pages of fun.

The book had to be good. The author has or had family in Alabama. (God's country). The author made me smile, laugh and take some time to consider the important things in life.

Through stories based in Utah, the State of Washington, and the Island of Crete, Robert Fulghum, author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, covers people and relationships. He also shared a perspective on life that does make you stop and wonder if we are smelling the roses in life.

It is obvious that Fulghum gets much of his inspiration from walking and observing all creatures big and small. He has magnificant insight into the people he sees and interacts with in his daily life. His life is a unique blend of experience that keeps you guessing.

His tips for conversation, called the List, makes the whole book worth the read. My favorite is his open engagement of people as he himself experiences life. My habit of walking along anywhere saying hello to people just to see the reaction doesn't seem so abnormal (note to wife) Okay, maybe as I said hello and good morning to New Yorkers on the sidewalks and the subways was a little over the top, but, Fulghum, makes me seem somewhat normal

For more on Robert Fulghum follow the link to his site. Learn more about his writings and read his frequent notes. Hope you enjoy. I did.

Pick up a copy of Fulghum's book: What on Earth Have I Done (Stories, Observations and Affirmations) Enjoy the topics and the read.
ISBN-13: 9780641990557
Pub. Date: September 2007

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