Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help us to Prevent - Milk Voice

We have discovered a new ailment that will require a telethon, a ribbon, and a national marketing campaign. It is an ailment called milk voice. I know, your thinking that Louis Pasteur handled everything that deals with Milk.

This occurs only after you have consumed a glass of milk or drained an ice cold milkshake. There is a something that happens that produces weird sounds in your voice. Something happens to your throat.

Our family discovered this ailment after enjoying, on a Thursday evening, some frosted goodies from Sonic. By the way the concept of the Happy Hour at Sonic, is a wonderful money saving event in the middle afternoon. All kinds of cool flavors!

Okay, back to the topic at hand. My lovely spouse decided to talk to the rest of the family after enjoying her chocolate milkshake. The strangest noise, that use to be her voice, was emitting, from her mouth. It sounded like her voice but it wasn't the full volume. It also had a strange wobble in it. At first there was concern. Then the first chuckle and then the full scaled laugh. It is unfortunate but yes, we did, laugh at the expense of one of our own. Family life is a tough place.

Once the source of the strange sound was discovered the group immediately worked to name the ailment. So there in the car, Milk Voice was discovered.

I wonder if a whole family can receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine for a ground breaking discovery. We aren't doctors, but, we have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

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