Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kiffin Set a PACing for the West Coast

One and done. Young Mr. Lane Kiffin, former head coach of the University of Tennessee, decided that it is easier to exist in a football conference that doesn't have a Championship Game. After barely a year he packed his bags and ran from Rocky Top, it appears that the mighty mouth of the SEC has unvolunteered.

After Pete Carroll, Coach of the USC Trojans, decided that he was on the move to Seattle. Kiffin made the move to a place where you can shoot off your mouth and no one cares.

Can you say scared? After under performing in the Southeastern Conference Kiffin decided that Hollywood was more to his style. All flash and no substance.

Kiffin, your entertaining comments will be missed. You should have stayed with the conference that has won the last four national championships in football. The Ducks and Cardinal are waiting for you.

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ann said...

I heard he left the SEC so he could get a shot at Saban. Unfortunately, by the time he gets USC squared away good old Nick will probably be in Florida or Texas - you gotta follow the money. Kif learned from the best!