Saturday, February 20, 2010

Basketball Time Ends

H and I have been going to MSSU Basketball Games together since the start of the season. It was a chance for some guy time. About midway through the season A joined us, cause, if H enjoys it, it must be fun. We had a great time. Today was the last home game.

As the season progressed H became close with the players. He would be next to the court when the team ran out of the locker room. He would be smacking hands with the guys when they headed in at half time and as the clock would wind down he would be there to congratulate his large friends.

During the game a favorite event would be just after half time. The pep squad would toss a number of t-shirts into the crowd. The volume would be based on the points scored by the home team in the first half. The fun part was watching the crowd jump up and down screaming, waving, and doing what they could to get the attention of the young throwers. Each week there would be some challenged catchers who would try to the grab a shirt. There were also some that should be replayed on a jumbo tron. A caught one shirt at a game. Which almost put H into orbit. H did end the season with a grab of Frisbee.

H was able to go to the locker room with the team. He would hang with a friend who is a freshmen guard on the team. Lots of fun to see your buddy playing college basketball.

There is a conference tournament in Kansas City then a chance at the MIAA tournament. Maybe we can follow the guys on the road.

It was great fun and I hope to spend some more basketball time with my little man.

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