Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time for the Superbowl

In rainy Miami there is a football game about to be played. Will it be the. we could have tried to win every game, but decided not to, Colts or the wow, I can' t believe we lost three straight and are here, Saints. Either way there is a Super Bowl Sunday.

Not sure who I am pulling for. I live around the corner from the biggest psycho fan of the great Payton Manning and the Colts, right Ann? My father in law adopted the Saints, back when they were horrible, because the fans when they came to Gulf Shores, threw a heck of a parteee! I guaranteee.

There are lots of questions. Will a rookie head coach get the win? Can Payton win his second Superbowl ring? Will Payton and brother, Eli, be shown enough times on their stuuuuupid Double Stuff Oreo's commercials? Will the ads this year be any good?

What ever happens it is Superbowl Sunday!!!

I wonder how many burgers, dogs, chips, sodas, frosty adult beverages, and salsa will be consumed tomorrow? This should be a huge food day for those who support the national pastime of football. It is truly the last game of the year.

McDonald's was offering a special of no less than 50, count them 50 chicken nuggets, two large fries and two large sodas for $15.00. Now that is sum bunch of nuggets. My son, who is a chicken, fan attic, noticed the deal. Only challenge is that is enough nuggets to last him until the middle of this decade. He is a growing boy but not that growing.

Back to the game. Who ever you are pulling for in this game let's hope it is close. I'm not a big fan of the 30 point blow out by half-time. It isn't fun. Last years last second heroics by the Steelers was a really good game. It was the first Superbowl that I had watched the full game. Most of the time I lose interest since some team is usually mailing in the game around midway through. Don't think we are going to see that. But, one, Never knows.

How about dropping comments on who you think will win and by how much. This is just for fun. There are no prizes awarded except you will get the chance to have a post dedicated to the fact that you are correct if you participate, prior to the beginning of the game. Once the kickoff takes place please only submit who you think will win!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy football game. Then the bragging can begin.

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