Saturday, February 6, 2010

On the Move! International Style

This was a fun Saturday. Starting early this morning it was finally time to move a good friend to her new place. This was started a couple of weeks ago but delayed due to snow and ice. In this case the second time was a charm.

H and K went with me to assist. They got up early on a Saturday morning, with minor grumbling, to ride along to help.

Upon arrival the fun started. With lots of boxes, a 24 foot truck and a house full of stuff; the moving was on!

There were some great people there. It was a like a United Nations of volunteer movers. As I describe it, I promise, it will sound like a set up to a joke. There was a Greek farmer, a Panamanian Industrial Engineer, a Global Security expert, an Alabama football fan and a lady from Wisconsin. Please add your punch line here.

We took furniture apart, loaded and unloaded boxes, and made multiple trips to and from the truck. And along the way, we had a great time.

My buddy Tammy proved that she is a truck driving woman! She backed that truck up a seriously angled drive. She also made a couple of trips.

Powered by Chick fil a nuggets and sandwiches, Chinese food, Green Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and soda this motley band worked hard to get the stuff moved. There were times that we didn't speak the same language or approach the challenge in front us with the same way. But, it continued throughout the day.

I was impressed with the motivation of my son and daughter. They played like kids would but they put forth an effort that was beyond what was expected. And, the impressive part, they moved at a pretty high rate of speed throughout the 10 hour day.

As the day progressed we learned Greek words for boss, thank you, please, and fun. We practiced Spanish, joked about not understanding each other then solved issues with hand signals and some good ole' fashion let me show you how!

The day grew to a close with the temperatures dropping and the muscles of the participants getting a little sore and tight. As I left the unloading the last five items were in view on the second trip of the truck. The garage at the new place was full of plants, boxes, furniture, yard furniture, cushions, towels, and tools. It was in a stage to be wrapped up.

When we headed home there was a great discussion about the fun we had tackling a challenge and meeting some neat folks.

Greek: Ποια διασκέδαση, σας ευχαριστεί

Spanish: Qué diversión, le agradece

English: What fun, thank you.

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