Saturday, November 10, 2007

Boodles got to Go in a Limbo

This post comes under the kids say the darndest things category. Princess Dabba ran into my room this morning all excited. Dad, Dad, did you get to see that Boodles got to ride in a Limbo last night? I said, A Limbo?

Yep, it came to the door to pick her up last night on here way to a birthday party. It was really long, white with lots of doors and windows.

The excitement that early in the morning drew a crowd. The Minister of Plain comes in hears that Boodles got to ride in a Limbo last night. He said it was a Hummer. Confusion of the face of the Princess. It was a Limbo, she shot back at the Minister.

I smiled and it explained it is called a Limo. Princess smiled, kissed my face and said, "It was a Hummer Limo."

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