Saturday, November 10, 2007

News Flash - The French Like Us

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Watching the news this week on the political front helped me to understand the answer to the question, how low can you go? Our Commander in Chief was all about making sure the world knows we have a renewed friendship with the French. This is what I meant by rock bottom.

All due respect to the French people. Not that the truly self absorbed need it. But history should teach us a lesson about the French. Each time we become friends it costs us! Then they repay us by dumping on us. Beware!

I was glad to see this interaction with the French allowed a number in Congress to find something to do! The House and Senate Dining Rooms had renamed their bits of potato that accompany a hamburger to "Freedom Fries" when the sour puss of France wouldn't play well five years ago. Well this week in Congress have flip flopped, surprise, we are back to French Fries.

Glad to see we have made great progress. Lafayette, would be proud. Liberty, Democracy and French Fried Potatoes.

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