Saturday, November 3, 2007

And the Winner Is!!!

The contest giveaway has ended. The last entries are in. The firm of Funk and Wiggles will be reviewing the posts. Randomly generating an answer later this evening. The winner will be posted and contacted. The envelope please:

Due to the timing of the LSU and Alabama game this evening we will now take a commercial break before delivering the results.

Many thanks to all who participated in the Giveaway. Thanks for the Leadership of Rocks in My Dryer for the Fall Giveaway.


Rhonda said...

With near 350 "contestants", I am sure the very lucky winner of that gift certificate will feel special.

Just how long did it take to read all those contest entries? I know Funk and Wiggles earned their keep with all the work they had to perform!!!

Good job.

Chris in Oxford said...

Wow, tight game last night. I was following the score on the net last night because Zach wouldn't go to sleep.

Well done with that contest, it's mad to get that many comments!