Sunday, February 3, 2008

It is the Giants - Winners of Super Bowl XLII

What a great Super Bowl! I know I watched until the very end.

Congratulations to the New York Football Giants, The G-Men, pulled off the most improbable run in NFL history! To be the lowest seated team in the play-offs to not only make it to the SuperBowl, but, to win it. Man what a game!

It was wonderful to see the play of the defense what a job executing the plan. The defense was incredible. "The Big Blue Wrecking Crew", Strahan, Mitchell, Umenyoria, Pierce, Tuck, Cofield, Wilson, and all the names I can't remember as I type. They put it on the line right from the start of the game. What a performance. I know the Partiots line has to be wondering where all of those blitzes came from.

The Giants offense put it together when the game was on the line. Manning to Burress! I love to watch Brandon Jacobs and Branshaw run, Kevin Boss and Burress catch, and Eli running the offense.

After all the stuff the talking heads put on Eli Manning talking about his confidence, his play, his manner in front of the cameras. The retractions should start early and often to mention the last four minutes of the game. The awarding of the Most Valuable Player for the Super Bowl makes all of that tough work rewarding. What a performance.

The coaching staff of the Giants put one together. Coach Spag on the defense. What a game.

Kids will begin eating Double Stuff OREO's all over the country. (The Double Stuff Racing League). It wasn't a sports drink. These must work, both guys in the ad won the Super Bowl and the MVP.

To all the New England Patriots fans, my congratulations, on the season. I'm sure it is disappointing with all of the pressure. That is a very impressive collection of talent. It was a great Super Bowl. It sure was exciting.

Let's have a little celebration of football.

I sure am looking forward to next season!


Chris in Oxford said...

Man, I kind of wish I would have toughed it out and stayed up to watch this one. Oh well, I'm neither a fan of the Giants or the Patriots (damn Yankees), but I am glad to see the underdog win!

The Egel Nest said...

I watched it to the end...maybe the biggest upset in football history...and I loved it...having my Bears out weeks ago...I just wanted a good game...and they delivered!

The Egel Nest