Saturday, February 9, 2008

Music Night with the Spouse

Okay, I'm not sure if this qualifies as an electronic date or just the activities of two adults doing a stroll down memory lane.

Friday evening started out with a simple question. Do you remember who sings a particular song? Lieber, who usually knows all there is to know about music, except the words to some songs, asked the question. Well, let's look it up on the computer. Lieber on one computer and me on another.

We spent the next few hours trying to figure out who the band was that Lieber asked the original question about. She went to, and checked, and I went to Yahoo Music Jukebox to start the hunt to determine the mystery song and who was the mystery artist.

This started an electronic version of hey, check out this album. Maybe it is from this band. Oh! Do you remember this song? It was alot of fun to play the snippet of the song that plays on the service. We also purchased a number of songs to listen to in the car or on the MP3 player that we haven't listen to in a long time.

There was the air guitar and drum solo of RUSH, the fun of "If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies. We laughed about some Barry Manilow tunes (These were the spouses). Styx, Brothers Johnson, Loverboy, Men At Work, REO Speedwagen, Queen, Babyface, Ozzy, Seals & Crofts, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Semisonic, Earth Wind and Fire, and some number of one hit wonders. This review of band, dance, country, went on for hours. We would talk about the music, where we lived, and what we were doing. We would laugh about the time of life, the words, and the social occasions that we first remember hearing the music.

The kids in the house heard the music and wondered what we were listening to. A couple of songs they though were original to Disney movies or were original to a more recent artist. Kids! (Okay, at this point I started to feel a little old, like my parents.) It was fun to hear and funny to experience at the same time. When my son believed that Babyface wrote the James Taylor songs.

We had a great time. Then the discovery came with the Steve Miller Band, Jungle Love. This didn't really end the musical quest. Then we started to see what other music we had not heard recently or had allowed to drift to the back of our memory banks.

Lieber and I had a great evening and rediscovered some cool music and some not so cool. I encourage you to take your significant other on a musical computer dual.

A side benefit of the music time; I can't wait for the ride to work on Monday. My fellow drivers on the highway may be treated to some great music, some fabulous air band, and vehicular dance moves!


The Egel Nest said...

This was an awesome blog...I love going through old music and enjoying it anew!

The babyface/james taylor comment was hysterical :)

The Egel Nest

Chris in Oxford said...

I love games of name that tune and the digital age means there are a lot more tunes to choose from! You wrote wonderfully also about how certain songs can take us back to specific times in our lives - that's one of the reasons I post music with most of my posts. Good one!