Sunday, February 3, 2008

It is SuperBowl XLII Sunday - Live from Glendale, AZ

Well, Glendale Arizona is the center of the Football universe today. That is because today is SuperBowl Sunday! The New York Football Giants are playing the New England Patriots in the forty-second version of the National Football League Championship game.

Plenty of subplots during the game. Tom Brandy against Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin versus Bill Belechick, A season of perfection versus the persuit of the ring. I am hoping this is a close game that is worth watching. As a football fan I like it close and not a blow out.

This is also the Sunday when some of the coolest advertisements in televisions are previewed. Some of the ads that are run during the game become part of the language of the country. Remember the Bud Light frogs, the ads with the kids that talked about being downsized or a yes man, the horses for Budweiser playing football, and the WAAAASSSSSSUPPPP! Let's hope there are no wardrobe malfunctions this year. I really do enjoy the ads.

Enjoy your Superbowl Sunday. My daughter, Boodles, would rather watch the cake decorating contests on Home and Garden television. She does want to be a baker so this is her version of the highest level of competition.

Enjoy the Game. This is the last real game until next season, Go Giants!

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Rhonda said...

YES... The GIANTS! Elijah has all of sudden decided to be a PATRIOTS fan. We told him he best sleep with one eye open around here!

Hope you have a fun party planned.