Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ever Had a Rough Day at Work? Its Not What You Are Expecting!

Last week I was headed into the sweat shop, my affectionate name for my office. I was thinking about the day ahead, peeking at my TREO for e-mail, making cellphone calls to friends and family, and just getting my game face on for the day. All of a sudden a car comes shooting from the turn lane into my lane, back over to the far right lane then straightened up to begin moving along. I couldn't believe how poorly executed that entry into traffic had been performed.

At the next light my game prep for the day is interrupted by the slowest person to make a left hand turn in the history of driving. I know, that sounds harsh, I'm sure when the Romans tried to turn their chariots it might have taken some time and skill. Plus the horses were I bet at times a handful. But the person ahead of me at the light. Oh! My goodness.

My e-mail dings. Ah! something to distract me from focusing on the person who still hasn't turned to the left. As I look up it appears there is a car coming in the opposite direction 5 blocks up. So, they will have to wait through the light again to turn. (Let's focus, be one with yourself, go to your happy place. Goose Fraba!)

The e-mail carries news that someone who was suppose to be providing support to a project of mine at work is defying the laws of nature. The status report provided electronically through the modern technology that they are actually going in reverse on the project progress.

All of a sudden it hits me. I am less than 3 blocks from my office and I am in a full blown, snooty, bad mood. And the day started out so nicely. What in the world happened.

So now that I am in full scale funk my lovely spouse calls to "chat" on the phone. I call it chatting when she calls and would like to engage in adult conversation after being surrounded by little curtain climbers all morning in the race to wake, feed, dress, press, scrub, and herd to the bus. Anyway, since I'm in the lovely mood the call isn't what spouse expects. I'm short, to the point, and quick to get off the phone. You know, since I'm not a happy camper all of the other campers within the range of Busy Dad are going to have a little bit of my version of sunshine sent their direction.

Okay, stage is set. Someone up stairs, and I mean the big upstairs, wanted to let me know not to take my little world to seriously. I also think it was a quick reminder about let's just get over one's self.

I step from the car, grab my computer bag, clip on the prerequisite name tag, shut the door and begin the walk toward my opportunity to live the dream for another day. As one of the guys at work says, LTD, Living the Dream.

After about three steps I begin to laugh. Not the going postal, people should hide or the Hannibal Lecter laugh. But the big, Lucy Ball type laugh that just comes from the deepest part of your heart. The cause you ask:

Take a look.

Yep, you saw it. I have arrived at work with two different color shoes on. So much for the trip to pitty party and dump on everyone day. This is just damn funny.

There is a moment of panic as I try to determine if there are any big possibly career enhancing meetings or is this a faux pas that may slide in under the radar. I think you know the answer to that.

I immediately call the spouse to make up for my earlier call. Then share the story. There is laughter. Not because I have said anything, but because she knows why I am calling. She has the opposite of the pair of shoes I am wearing sitting on the floor of our bedroom looking back up at her. She knows. She offers to bring the replacement shoe to work. Oh! no. I have to experience the if you take yourself to seriously then you get what you deserve moment for the full day.

Mood improves immediately.

Throughout the day the mistake is discussed and comments are made. It appears that another of my colleagues does this trick on a regular basis with socks and shoes. One upped again!

All that said it still gets better. A member of my team looks over the situation and she actually asks the next question. Do they walk different? Well being a practicing member of the IASA's (that is the International Association of Smart A**es) I said, without missing a beat, "the left shoe keeps wanting to walk off to the left and the other one, keeps wanting to go in circles looking for its mate.

Obviously, others don't find me as funny and entertaining as I find myself.

The point. Don't take yourself to seriously. Someone might be watching and provide you with the potential solution to your funk of the day moment. The day was lots of fun and very productive.


Chris in Flux said...

Your take home message is a crucial one for me to remember every day. It's way too easy to take myself too seriously. Well said!

Rhonda said...

Ok...that IS funny. At least the colors match.

Traffic just has a way of bringing out the best/worst behavior in us all.

Glad you found something to finally smile about that day.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I wore a tan high heel and a red high heel to work. Fortunately I had an extra pair of shoes in my desk. Everyone did get a good laugh out of it, though. MiMi

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The Egel Nest said...

I love the message here..about not taking yourself to seriously...I also love that you refer to your office as a sweat shop!


The Egel Nest

PS I apologize for my absentee blog visitation...the beautiful wife just got back into town tonight...and it was very busy in the nest!

Rhonda said...

Hope you are getting back to some kind of normalcy and all went well with your father's funeral.

Sorry to hear about your dad and come back when you are ready. You are missed.

Susie said...

LOL, I had to read this one out loud to one of the girls in my office it was so funny.

crackerjacksMO said...

came across your blog today and found this post. you had me cracking-up-laughing-out-loud! Too Funny!