Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Smiling So Much My Face Hurts

Yep, that is what my daughter, Boodles, reported to me and her mom. She was giggling with us as we watched a recent episode on the Food Network. Boodles, wants to be a chef or baker when she gets older. So she works to learn everything she can off the Food Network.

Anyway, as we watched she laughed about something that was said. Then she started to smile, then laugh, then giggle uncontrollably. Then she laughed and laughed and laughed. The funny part is we can't even remember what started the laughing. The situation was something else. So now that she is cracking up her mom and I get into the act. We start laughing and trying to understand what is so funny.

As we try to get to the bottom of the laughing, out comes the little nugget of wisdom. "Mom, I am smiling so much that my face hurts." Well, this kicked off more laughing, smiling, and giggling. It was a great 15 minutes. How relaxing.

Please add this entry into the Book. We will want to repeat this one in the future.

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It has been added to "The Book"